Eye infections are one of the most common eye diseases we encounter. Again, eye infections are the most common cause of red eyes. The eye can become extremely red and painful due to the dense vascular network of the conjunctiva layer on the anterior surface of the eye. The problem here is mostly bacterial. And bacterial infections can be transmitted by contact. First, it infects the other eye of the patient. It can then be passed on to other people who are in close contact with the patient.

The viral infections that we see less frequently are much more dangerous. Because it can be transmitted very easily. And it can cause epidemics. The anterior surface of the eye can also involve the corneal layer.

Hygiene is the first thing to be considered in preventing diseases. If the person’s own hand hygiene is good and a person who pays attention to hand-eye contact, the possibility of infection and transmission is very low. In the presence of a patient with an eye infection in the same home, towels should be separated and, if possible, paper towels should be used. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap before and after the patient’s drug administration.

Generally, the wrong we see in our patients; Wiping the eyes with the napkin they hold in their hands and continuing to hide them in the palm of their hand. Our hands are dirty. The cloth we put on our infected eye becomes more dirty as long as it is kept in hand, then when we apply the same napkin again, we do nothing but spread the infection and this is extremely inconvenient.

In the presence of any eye disease and infection, an ophthalmologist should be checked. Buying and using drugs from the pharmacy without examination sometimes causes the disease to increase and can cause vision loss in the eye.

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