We frequently see waist, neck, joint pain, eye ailments and obesity in adults and children. The students participating in the online course must definitely sit in an L-shape and be attached to the class in an upright position, and should not interact with technological communication by lying down or lying down. ”


After the new type of coronavirus was declared a pandemic, millions of students started to take distance education in higher education and schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Turkey. Technology and internet addiction, which is already widespread in Turkey, continues to threaten both children and adults these days when we are at home. Expert Psychologist Consultant Samet Çiftçi defined technology addiction, listed what to do and answered the questions of the parents on the online broadcast.


The farmer explains his technology addiction: “If a child always wants to spend time on the computer, if his mind always stays in games, if he is disrupted and sleepless with his friends, he is a technology addict if he even wants to eat his meals on the screen. If he cannot use technology as he wishes, he will be irritable and angry. His mind is always on his phone. It has difficulty fulfilling its responsibilities. He cannot do homework, he loses his rules in the house. Adults start to disrupt their duties related to their work life. Those who stay away from sports and prefer to live sedentary are at risk ”.

My head begins to disintegrate

Stating that addiction starts with boredom, Expert Psychologist Samet Çiftçi said, “The addiction process starts with boredom. The person does not have quality pursuits. It wonders in the first step. After curiosity he becomes inclined towards social use. In order to have fun and escape from problems, he starts to deal with a tablet or computer with the phrase “distract me. After a while, they always want more and the environments without technology start to feel boring. It gets lonely, it gets dull. Most importantly, it gets insatiable ”he said.


Stating that something should be replaced in order to get rid of computer, tablet, game, social media or mobile phone addiction, Expert Psychologist said, “Of course, we will benefit from technology. However, in order not to be addicted, we must have a purpose and not get caught up in ourselves. You can replace your habit with a hobby. You should often think about what this addiction takes from you. Set a time limit for yourself. Spend time reading, playing, and resting. Remember that you can go out without the phone. Write quotes in your room that remind you of what technology addiction takes to you. On pandemic days, go out to the balcony and spend time with nature, ”he said.

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