Homework is given to the child to support learning processes, to gain awareness of responsibility and the ability to overcome a task with effort. It is important for children to characterize homework as part of the learning process, rather than a task.

What if your child insists on not doing homework? How can we make our children love homework? We wanted to make some suggestions to support you in this regard. Hope it will be useful.

1. You can suggest your child to start studying by doing his / her favorite lesson homework.

2. You can discuss the reason your child does not want to do homework by asking questions to your child. You can talk about what doing or not doing homework will bring them or not.

3. You can ask your child why he was given the homework. So you can understand your child’s thoughts on homework.

4. You can be around your child, not at all times, until he likes and accepts homework. Thus, you can ensure that he can ask you questions whenever he wants.

5. While doing homework “You don’t know that too? Didn’t you listen to your teacher again? ” You can avoid comments that will create emotional pressure on the child and blame him.

6. You can congratulate your child when he / she does his homework on time and effortlessly. You could say that this behavior relaxes both him and you.

7. When planning about homework, you can talk to your child and determine the homework time in advance.

8. While doing homework, you can create a quiet environment that is not noisy and does not go in and out frequently.

9. You can remove distracting elements (such as posters, television) in the homework environment.

10. You can motivate him about success by focusing on the parts he writes beautifully. “Look, you wrote these two words / sentences well, etc.

11. As soon as your child comes from school, “Do you have homework?”, “When will you do your homework?”, “Do your homework.” You can avoid phrases such as.

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