Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Serhat Koran said that homeopathy treatment can be applied against the problem of wetting in children. Stating that enuresis nocturna disease is described as incontinence to bed or clothes in children older than 5 years of age, Koran said, “Enuresis nocturna, which is seen around 15 to 20 percent at the age of 5, decreases with age, and it is seen around 7 percent at the age of 10 years. In 97 percent of children, there is no obvious pathological cause and psychological problems come to mind. The remaining small part of them causes some hormonal problems such as bladder dysfunction and Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) ”.


Pointing out that homeopathy is a traditional medicine method of German origin and still the most preferred treatment method in the world, Dr. Koran continued as follows:

“In the treatment of homeopathy, the patient is treated as a whole. After the meeting with the patient, which lasts for about 1 hour, a personal remedy is prescribed. This medicine can be used safely in all age groups as it is produced from natural materials consisting of plants, minerals and living tissues and prepared by dilution method. Homeopathic treatment does not only focus on wetting the child under the night, starting from the period in the mother’s womb, the time of teething, walking and talking, the growth and development process of the child, the child’s attitudes and behaviors towards the mother, father, siblings, and communication problems with peers. treatment is evaluated. Family members of children with enuresis nocturnal are evaluated together in order to get to know the child better and to evaluate other family members. “


Dr. Koran continued his evaluations as follows:

“The definition of healing as homeopathic treatment is a holistic treatment; it is a state of complete well-being. In other words, a full recovery is expected from psychological problems such as attention deficit, irritability, anxiety, to physical complaints such as asthma, constipation or skin diseases, if any. Because in homeopathy the human is considered as a whole. The same problem may be the basis of different diseases in a child, or there may be another problem or a psychological basis at the basis of an existing disease. “

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