Stating that his struggle is to protect the public from cancer, the treatment comes later, Prof. Topuz said, “The foods we eat and the things we use can cause us to become cancerous. We are surrounded by disease-causing agents. Cancer comes in waves. 20 million people will get cancer in 2020. But we can reduce that to 15 million if we protect ourselves. So let’s open our eyes. This business starts from childhood. We have to give this discipline to our children. The child in the family imitates his mother. Whatever the mother eats, the child eats it too.”

Emphasizing that if a person has cancer, the damage done to the state and the nation is billions of dollars. Topuz said, “If you apply what I have told you and protect your health, you will also contribute to Turkey’s economy.”

Here is Prof. Dr. Erkan Topuz’s explanations: You should not walk around with street shoes at home

If we are walking around with shoes at home, we should take off the shoes we came from outside and wear another shoe. Because the shoes we wear outside and the pesticides we put in the house are one of the most important causes of cancer. (Pesticides: Agricultural products, chemicals, exhaust gases etc.)

The most dangerous place: Carpet Carpet holds all pesticides. Therefore, pay attention to the cleanliness of the carpets. Wipe with vinegar water instead of detergent. Gloves should be worn when using detergent. Do not use plastic gloves, wear scout gloves inside. Because detergents are allergic and chronically carcinogenic if taken in small doses. (Scout glove: Cotton glove)

The detergent you use in the dishwasher is also a petroleum product, that is, the carcinogen, no matter how much you wash, residues may remain. If you care about your health, wipe the dishes you take out with vinegar water or lemon water.

Avoid all kinds of detergents. Always choose olive oil and laurel soap. Genuine soaps made from genuine olive oil, laurel or peanut oil can also be chosen while washing your hands and body. I’m saying this as an example. Avoid detergent.

All kinds of white underwear should be boiled at least 2 times when new. Because these are washed with carcinogenic substances to be whitened. The fight against cancer begins in the womb.

Expectant mothers should avoid taking excessive amounts of vitamins. Because when taken unconsciously, the cobalt in the vitamin and some excessive amounts of minerals can cause accumulation in the child and cause cancer.

There is something for every color. The 7 colors of the rainbow, wherever they are, should be eaten at least 3-5 a day. Pregnant women should eat red meat twice a week. Pregnant women should eat fish especially. In order for a healthy person not to get cancer, the baby’s body’s resistance must increase while still in the womb.

Air fresheners are directly from petroleum. We breathe the poison. It impairs our immune system. Vegetables should be frozen and stored in season. Be sure to cook it only once it’s thawed. Heat once in the microwave. When we heat it on the fire, heat it once. Because next time it will corrupt the DNA. DNA breakage also leads to carcinogens.

Radiation; chronically one of the factors that bring cancer the closest. Let’s stay away from the television. Let’s feed the children fish soup twice a week with turmeric in it.

Pregnant women should consume 1 kilo of fish per week. We are against consuming fish above this amount. Because even the most sterile fish contain small amounts of mercury. These fish should not be bottom fish. It should be salmon or surface fish, Mediterranean, Aegean fish.

The most suitable oil for frying; canola oil, apart from that, our first choice is olive oil. Hazelnut oil can also be preferred. If children eat fast food every 15 days and eat 3 times a week, there is a 3-fold increase in brain tumors, lymphomas and leukemias.

Children should consume plenty of fruit and yogurt. But let’s use yogurt as a prebiotic and home yogurt. Make your yogurt at home. Eat large amounts of cheese and cottage cheese. Goat cheese is very useful.

Their children, of three whites; should keep away from flour, sugar and salt, if possible, prefer rock salt. So pull the salt you pickled and use very little. Because salt is also carcinogenic. The reason kids in America are chubby is because they add sugar to everything.

One of the most beneficial foods is walnuts and then hazelnuts and almonds. Buy shelled foods such as hazelnuts and walnuts. Because it is sprayed with medicine so that it does not get insect. They are foods with endless benefits. Consume a handful a day.

Plastic, copper, aluminum containers should not be used. Use porcelain, glass and steel. Wash the fruits in such containers as well. Throw 9-10 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into them according to the liter. Leave for about half an hour. Then do not wash again. It gets germs again. The first four skins of foods such as cabbage and lettuce should be thrown away. Wash them as much as you want. You cannot remove pesticides on them.

Water should be changed every 3 months: We have magnificent waters, but no matter what, we disgrace nature. Even a small amount of blood-n-serogen doses can be mixed in the water we buy. These are controlled waters, but they need to be changed every 3 months. Plastic is poison everywhere. Plastic cups, utensils, plastic anything. These plastics have found their way into home-making. They are used directly as construction material. Be very conscious, use very good brands.

Fruit juice should be consumed with pulp. We give water to cancer patients. Many substances that do not pass into fruit juice remain in the pulp. In this way, you are protected from colon and stomach cancer.

Copper is especially prominent in brain tumors. This effect is diminished if the vessels are tinned very well. But don’t even wear copper earrings in your ear. Those sparkling white notebooks used by our children are cleaned with chlorine. Let them use an uncleaned notebook with them. Paints also have a carcinogenic effect.

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