In order to purify the lungs from toxins and create a detox and antioxidant effect, it is necessary not to miss the nutrients that nature offers us from our tables.

Ginger – Turmeric: These spices, which have an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) effect, help to remove toxins from the respiratory system and cleanse the lungs.


Garlic, which is a natural antibiotic, allows the lungs to work at full capacity and has a protective effect against lung cancer thanks to its many antioxidant substances.

Black carrot:

It is good for cough and plays an expectorant role. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it is one of the powerful antioxidants and reduces the risk of lung cancer.


The ethereal essential oils it contains are effective against chest congestion. It is against cough and upper respiratory tract inflammation. It prevents bacteria formation thanks to its antibacterial properties.


It provides a detox effect in getting rid of toxins. The support of carob against pulmonary edema is a unique opportunity. It is specifically effective against edema in the lungs. It has great expectorant and therapeutic power against asthma. It provides protection against many types of cancer, especially lung cancer.

Grape seeds:

The resveratrol substance in its content protects the lungs by fighting free radicals. It acts as an anti-cancer. Grapes should be consumed by chewing the seed.


It provides a protective effect against the formation of carcinogenic substances, diseases that may occur in the lungs and nitrosamines. In particular, it provides a protective effect against lung cancer.

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