Its digestive function is similar to child behavior. If you show the child a new toy while the child is playing with a toy, he will be interested and directed to him. Thus, he stops playing with the previous toy and starts dealing with his new toy. The digestion of food can likewise end. Even if you have a very good breakfast, if you eat a snack within an hour or two, digestion does not continue in some cases and you get hungry much faster because the good breakfast foods you ate before are not fully digested. We call this resetting the digestive function.

However, since the metabolism in children is fast and the need for energy is high, the digestive function can be shortened up to 3 hours. Especially in children who are active and play, getting hungry faster may occur for this reason. In this case, it would be more appropriate for the child to provide the necessary energy by taking a snack between meals instead of taking a new meal. Children may get hungry between two meals and may need a new food. They may want to get hungry and eat something while playing games, while on vacation in the summer or while spending time on the seaside, and between breaks in schools to be opened soon. In this case, the biggest danger that awaits them is that they disrupt their digestive system with wrong snacks and feel aversion to healthy foods.

Human beings have a strong digestive system that feeds on many different food groups and can meet all their needs by digesting these foods. But with harmful snacks, foods that can easily turn into sugar, which we call junk food, sweets, chocolates, bakery foods and excessive fruit, we can easily make this perfect digestive system lazy. When the digestive system becomes sluggish; We no longer get full without bread, we get hungry very often, and we are reluctant to eat foods other than sweet and pastry foods.

As a result, we can say that an unhealthy digestive system = obesity and many metabolic diseases.

This is why we should choose healthy snacks for our children to eat when they are hungry, especially to protect our children from this trap. Thus, we can always keep the digestive systems healthy and strong.


Healthy snacks are foods that do not turn into sugar easily and contain both protein, fat and carbohydrates together.

Whatever you choose best, it should always be with hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds.

If fruit is to be selected; may be seasonal fruits, and the amount should not be exaggerated, as much as a palm.

At most 1-2 pieces of dried fruits such as dried apricots and dried figs should be sufficient and should not be preferred every day.

It would be beneficial not to ignore nutritious options such as dry meatballs, which were sometimes made while going to a picnic.

Kashar cheese, carrot and cucumber slices wrapped in lettuce like pie can be different alternatives.

The important thing is that, as I have just told you, it is enough to avoid food options and ready-made foods such as cakes that will make the digestive system lazy. The rest is up to your imagination.

NOTE: Do not feed your growing children on bran bread whether they have weight problems or not. Because dandruff is not digested, it is often used by dieters to feel less hungry. However, dandruff also causes iron deficiency anemia as it affects the absorption of iron and calcium in users. For this reason, we should not let our children eat.

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