Nutrition and Diet Specialist Berrin Yiğit talked about the tips of staying healthy while fasting and the benefits of tuna consumption in Ramadan.

Stating that fasting for long hours during the month of Ramadan when the movement area is limited due to the epidemic, preferred foods and thirst can cause some discomfort, especially rapid weight gain, Yiğit said, “The way to deal with these ailments is to consume healthy and quality foods from a reliable source. A healthy digestive system is only possible with a strong immune system. At this point, tuna appears as one of the most important foods for the tables. ” used the expressions.

“There are some points to be aware of when consuming tuna”

Yiğit stated that in response to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, the immune system should be kept strong during Ramadan.

Stating that a balanced and healthy diet should be integrated into the lifestyle, especially during Ramadan, Yiğit said, “Thanks to the Omega-3 it contains, fish that provides fast fat burning by preventing fat storage in the body, is a miraculous food that is effective in regenerating cells, protecting the immune system, and keeping the brain vessels strong and healthy. has the feature of being. ” found in the description.

Stating that there are some points to be considered when consuming tuna, Yiğit said:

“For example, it is possible to consume the tuna fish that come to our tables from the clean and deep waters of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean with peace of mind. Also, you can prepare both healthy and delicious iftar menus thanks to the tuna fish that provides the necessary energy from a healthy source and thus supports you not to gain excess weight. By using 3-containing tuna in olive oil, you can prepare feast-tasting iftar menus from 4-grain salad to pasta, from oatmeal pizza to olive oil dishes; you can have a fit and healthy fasting month. “

“Unhealthy foods directly affect sleep quality and thus quality of life”

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Berrin Yiğit stated that many factors are directly related to the digestive system, from the safety and quality of the foods preferred during the fasting month to the amount, the rate of eating and the rate of water consumed.

Expressing that unhealthy foods consumed during iftar and suhoor cause problems such as bloating, gas, constipation, and directly affect the quality of sleep and thus the quality of life, Yiğit said, “For this reason, it does not tire the stomach, makes you feel full for a long time, in terms of protein, vitamin and Omega-3. It is the right time to include rich foods on the table.These days, when we are struggling with the global epidemic, tuna stands out among the foods that increase the body resistance against diseases by strengthening the immune system.This food, which facilitates digestion by strengthening the metabolism, gives the body a feeling of satiety all day long, and it also provides the mineral. ” he finished his words.

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