Dermatology Specialist Dr. Sabir Hasanov said that the most common cause of hair loss in men is hair loss called ‘male type’, this disease is genetically based and it is impossible to stop it permanently.

Hasanov stated that methods such as hair sprays, oral drugs in tablet form, hair mesotherapy, hair PRP and hair transplantation are used in the treatment of ‘male type’ hair loss. Stating that the most important cause of hair loss in women is iron deficiency, Hasanov noted that low levels of vitamin B12, folic acid, zinc or other vitamins and minerals are among the causes of hair loss in women.

Dr. Stating that coronavirus is among the leading causes of hair loss in both men and women, Sabir Hasanov said, “In patients with infection, there may be a serious hair loss in the 4-6 month period after infection.

As a matter of fact, the complaints of the incoming patients; ‘When I wake up in the morning, my pillow, in the bathroom, and on the comb there are strands of hair’, ‘If it goes like this, there will be no hair left on my head’, ‘I will be bald’, ‘I am afraid of washing and combing my hair’. During this period, there is an intense hair loss. “It should not be afraid of the intense hair loss that occurs after the passage of Kovid-19.”

Noting that hair loss caused by coronavirus generally improves on its own, new hair grows after the shedding decreases and the rarity is recovered again. Hasanov, “In order to slow down the loss and remove the patients from the panic environment, the treatment can be started by looking at the vitamin and mineral values ​​such as iron, B12, folic acid, zinc.

If there is no impairment in these parameters, then with the advice of dermatologists, capsule supports with multivitamin and multimineral are used, and special shampoos are recommended to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss. It would be appropriate for the patients to seek advice from their dermatologists on this issue.

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