What Gymnastic Moves Can Be Done at Home?

The most important gymnastic movements at home are as follows. These;

Tumble Forward

Forward somersault is an easy-to-do at home move that is among the basic gymnastic moves. First of all, close your legs for the first starting position and slowly raise your arms up.

In the starting position, the person should be upright with hands reaching towards the ceiling. Then lower your hips and bend your knees as you slowly lower your hands. The important point is to bring your chin towards your chest. Instead of your head, you should also put your neck on the ground. Bend your elbows slowly as you bend down to put your neck on the ground, and you can return to your starting position by doing a forward somersault. You can end the somersault by keeping the legs closed at all times and raising the arms up.

Back Bridge

The most important feature in the back bridge movement is the flexibility of the waist. In addition, the ability of the arms to carry the body is also very important. Because if you bend the elbows nicely, your head will be closer to the ground. You can’t make the bridge properly this way. Then raise your arms up. Slowly bring your arms back with your head, with one leg in front. You can use the flexibility of your waist and complete the back bridge movement.


While doing the handstand moves, which are included in the gymnastic moves list for beginners, first keep your legs closed and stand upright. Then extend one leg straight forward and raise your arms up. The starting position for this gymnastic handstand should usually be like this. The point to be considered in this regard is that while doing the handstand movement, people should move the body forward with their arms as much as possible.

At no time should one’s arms come too close to their feet. Here the hands should not go down slowly by themselves. Then the arms should reach forward with the head.

Amut Takla

A forward variation of the handstand in gymnastic moves is the handstand somersault. It basically starts with a handstand movement. You can continue the movement by leaving space between your legs and making sure your body is upright. Also, pause for a while to prepare to start the action in the handstand. In this exercise, instead of coming down from a handstand, bend your arms and slowly lower your body towards the ground, then keep your head still and roll forward.

Stand up by reaching up with your hands above your head. Finally, in a correct handstand somersault, you should always keep your arms straight and roll with your back bent.

Reaching Handstand

Begin this move with arms straight and hands up. To start a handstand, the floor should be seated as quickly as possible. When you roll backwards, try to form a candle. When you come to the shape of a candle, you should make sure that your palms are always on the ground. Extend your legs nicely toward the ceiling and open your shoulders in a handstand.

After adjusting the timing of these movements, you can start to spread the legs or do the pike and sit. While reaching handstand, the person must complete the back somersault correctly. At the end of the backflip, attention should be paid to being really fast and gaining momentum as much as possible.

Forward Bridge

This gymnastic move, the forward bridge, is essentially an acrobatic movement sequence. Stand up straight and raise arms up near your head. Then reach forward and quickly raise one leg. Your other leg should always follow. In addition, the legs are kept vertically apart as they move upwards and the back is arched until the foot touches the floor, thus the person is in the bridge position.

When the other foot reaches the ground, the person returns to the standing position. In gymnastic moves, the forward bridge typically ends with actually extending one foot forward and starting the movement and raising the arms at the finish. Forward bridge is a gymnastic movement that is frequently used in various fields such as acrobatic dance, circus and gymnastics. Therefore, it should be tried carefully.

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