Vitamins are indispensable for the healthy functioning of metabolism… It is not possible to maintain a healthy life without getting enough vitamins that help in growth. Head of Beykoz University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department Prof. Dr. Y. Birol Saygı says that vitamins have an important role in our body. Stating that vitamins increase the body’s resistance against diseases, Saygı said, “If any of the vitamins are not taken into the body, the biochemical reaction that the vitamin helps will not work, and there will be disruptions in growth and body work. Vitamins, most of which act as coenzymes, activate enzymes. “Vitamins, which ensure the proper use of nutrients in the body, contribute to the good functioning of the nervous and digestive system.”

“Life cannot be sustained without vitamins”

Vitamins; It is known as “organic, essential molecules needed in small quantities for the realization of specific functions such as growth and reproduction and the maintenance of healthy life”. Saying that vitamins do not produce energy but have a role in energy production from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, Professor Saygı said, “In addition to hormones and enzymes, vitamins must work in conjunction with each other in the control of metabolism. Life cannot be sustained without enzymes, hormones and vitamins. Because these substances are not interchangeable, cannot be replaced by other substances, and without these, metabolic events cannot occur, ”he says.

“There is no nutrient that stores all the vitamins”

The human body needs different vitamins, but there is no food that contains all the vitamins. Therefore, it is very important to diversify the diet … The person needs to take vitamins through various foods. Today’s people, on the other hand, take some vitamins that they cannot get from food from supplements. “Most adults do not need to take supplements unless they are missing a certain nutrient like calcium. In these situations, you should try to get more nutrients from food sources first. Saying that you should trust your diet rather than supplements, Saygı explains what should be considered in case of taking vitamin and mineral supplements as follows: “First, talk to your doctor to find out if you really need to take vitamin or mineral supplements. You also need to know when to take the vitamins. For example, multivitamins such as group B and water-soluble vitamins; You can take it whenever you want, with or without food. Therefore, taking these vitamins in the morning can help you gain the habit of taking vitamins regularly. It’s better to take fat-soluble vitamins like A and E with foods like after dinner to help your body absorb the vitamin. “

What are the properties of vitamins?

Water soluble (vitamin C and B group vitamins)
• They pass directly into the blood.
• They can be carried freely.
• They circulate in body fluids.
• The excess is removed by the kidneys.
• They rarely reach toxic levels.
• It should be taken frequently and in small doses. (1-3 days)

Fat soluble

• First they pass to lymph and then blood.
• Protein carriers are required for their transport.
• They are stored in cells together with fat.
• They reach toxic levels when taken in large quantities.
• It should be taken in periodic doses.

What should you pay attention to when taking vitamin supplements?

• It is necessary to take vitamin supplements with the recommendation of a doctor.
• For maximum benefit, you should learn which vitamin to take and when.
• You can take multivitamins such as group B and water-soluble vitamins whenever you want, with or without food. Taking it in the morning is more beneficial for gaining habit.
• Take fat-soluble vitamins like A and E with food like dinner to help your body absorb the vitamin.
• If you are taking statins (lipid lowering), thyroid medications or antibiotics, ask your doctor or pharmacist if you should take supplements a few hours after your medication to avoid any interactions.
• If you are taking separate supplements such as both multivitamins and calcium, be sure to take them every few hours so your body can fully absorb them.
• In fact, taking some fat-soluble vitamins too much can make you very sick. There is no scientific evidence to prove that adults who take these products extend their lives.
• If you have a vitamin D deficiency, it is appropriate to take supplements.
• If you agree with your doctor about which supplements to take, you need to know at what time of day you should take vitamin and mineral supplements to maximize their effectiveness.
• Also, make sure that the vitamin supplements you take avoid dangerous interactions with the prescription drugs you use. Ask your doctor for help in this matter.

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