Malnutrition and lack of physical activity in the office environment bring serious health problems. Among these health problems are insulin resistance, Type 2 DM, obesity, some types of cancer, and metabolic syndrome. These diseases negatively affect the work efficiency as well as the quality of life of the personnel.

First of all, adequate and balanced nutrition is very important. If the individual is overweight or obese, it should be ensured to reach the required weight. Weight loss will primarily eliminate the feeling of fatigue and weakness. In order to increase attention and concentration, a nutrition plan that is rich in antioxidants and contains omega 3 fatty acids should be created.

Among the main reasons for office workers to gain weight; snacks, fast food at lunch, continuous consumption of sweetened tea, coffee, soft drinks instead of water, not having snacks in the office due to working hours, and skipping snacks or main meals as a result of long meetings can be counted.

Do not skip meals!

While preparing a correct nutrition plan, those working in the office environment should not skip meals first. The most important meal of the day is undoubtedly breakfast. Starting a day without breakfast negatively affects your health, performance and work efficiency. Since foods such as pastries and pastries contain high carbohydrates, they will create a feeling of sleep and tiredness. Instead, a breakfast of cheese, eggs and tomatoes, cucumbers, olives; It is rich in protein, omega 3 and antioxidants and will increase your daily work concentration. If a practical breakfast is desired, 1 glass of milk and walnuts or 1 bowl of yogurt and apple will be a healthy and practical breakfast.

Especially for breakfast, in terms of its practical and high quality protein, eating boiled eggs and 1 slice of cream cheese bread will provide only 170 calves and will be satisfying. Again, consuming unsweetened tea with toast with wholegrain tomatoes and cheddar will provide 210 calories and will eliminate the feeling of hunger until noon.

Go out and eat lunch!

Instead of ordering lunches to the office, we should definitely go out (physically activate) and consume them. A menu with high nutritional benefits such as lentil soup, grilled meat and salad should be preferred. If you have to order at the office, choose tuna fish salad, grilled meatball salad, whole wheat toast, ayran-style menus. Pizza and hamburger-style meals are both high in calories and reduce afternoon work efficiency. 1 medium pizza and coke will provide about 850-1050 calories. These foods contain simple sugar and mix quickly into the blood. This causes us to get hungry quickly. Instead, eating 1 portion of grilled meatballs, 1 box of buttermilk and salad will provide an average of 400 calories. Moreover, since the protein content is high, it will make you hungry late.

When planning meals, it is necessary to pay attention to the carbohydrate content, type and amount. Because excessive carbohydrate consumption will cause fatigue and sleepiness, and will ensure that the working time in the office environment will be inefficient. For example, if the meal includes dried beans, rice, tzatziki and soup, then the appropriate ones are to consume dried beans and ayran. If possible, to order a salad with it. Consuming rice or pasta will make you hungry quickly, as it quickly raises blood glucose. We should say no to pickles served with dry beans or meat while working in an office environment. The reason is this; It doubles the edema that occurs in our inactive body. To be more vigorous and healthy, you should always choose salad or a vegetable soup if available. If meat is eaten at noon, vegetable food should be preferred in the evening to ensure the daily fiber content. An individual who has consumed lentil soup, green salad and yoghurt for lunch should definitely take protein in the evening and consume 1 small bowl of bulgur pilaf, tzatziki or grilled fish salad and 1 bowl of soup along with the meat. The amount of protein taken daily must be followed.

Move your shoulders, arms and legs every 15 minutes. Increase your physical activity.

Instead of consuming tea, coffee, soft drinks, take a jug to your table and drink plenty of water. Instead of black tea, choose green or white tea. Tea and coffee should be drunk without sugar. Consuming too much sugar increases glucose intake and increases belly fat. In individuals who work sedentary, excessive consumption of tea and coffee also tires the heart. Do not exceed 8 cups of unsweetened tea and 2 cups of coffee per day. Especially, teas such as green tea, ginger and echinacea protect the antioxidant capacity and immune system and are particularly suitable for those working in the office environment. To calm down, sage and clove tea will make your day comfortable.

Fennel as it reduces stress and sage as it strengthens the immune system is a good example of herbal tea that you can choose from linden.

Do not use elevators in the company. Being on the go will increase your daily energy expenditure.

When consuming nuts, pay attention to the amount!

Put dried apricots, figs, gray biscuits, whole-wheat biscuits, walnuts, hazelnuts in your drawer with non-perishable and odor-free foods. It is a good snack alternative when you cannot go out. When consuming nuts, especially the amount should be paid attention. Handfuls of walnuts, unfortunately, can cause uncontrolled weight gain after a while. It is very important that it is salt-free. Because you already work sitting down, you have enough edema, let’s not add the edema of the salt creature to this. It is a source of dried apricots, blueberries, goji berries, potassium, selenium, antioxidants (vitamin C and E). Consuming it especially in the winter months will be protective against the upper respiratory tract. The best source of selenium is in brazil nuts. Only two or three meals a day meet the daily selenium requirement. As a snack, 3 whole walnuts, 10 almonds or 10 hazelnuts and 7 raw cashews in a month will be quite enough for a meal. 1 tablespoon of blueberries and goji berries or 3 apricots are also good alternatives to a green tea with unsweetened ginger. With 3 apricots or 1 tablespoon of blueberries, it is only 60 calories and will eliminate the feeling of hunger. Especially after the afternoon tea, it should not be biscuits, cakes, cookies or crackers, but blueberries or dried apricots. 2 biscuits eaten every day will gain 6 kg in 1 year.

When it is not possible to have something to eat during the meeting or in the office, choose to drink milk or buttermilk or natural mineral water for snacks. It is very important to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily. Because only water can increase bowel movements of individuals with limited mobility in the office environment. In addition, to increase bowel movements, it is necessary to take a probiotic food. A plain kefir with snacks is the best example of this.

You can reduce your sweet needs considerably by consuming cinnamon sticks with walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds.

Sample Office Menu

Sabah: 07:30
• Unsweetened light tea or coffee
• Cheese and parsley omelette—180 cal
• 1 medium tomato—20 cal
• 5 olives – 45 kal
• 2 thin slices of whole grain bread – 140 cal

Ara: 10:00
• 1 cup of kefir—130 cal

Noon: 12:30
• 1 bowl of vegetable soup-150 kal
• 6 tablespoons of dry bean meal—150 cal
• 1 large bowl of green salad with pomegranate syrup—60 cal
• 1 bowl of mint tzatziki-80 kal

Ara: 16:00
• Sugar-free ginger green tea
• 1 tablespoon of purple blueberries-60 kal
• 6-7 unroasted cashews-100 cal

Evening: 19:00
• 150 g grilled fish – 350 cal
• 1 large bowl of arugula and pomegranate green salad—60 cal

Ara: 9:30 p.m.
• Half a grapefruit—60 cal

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