Dr. Lecturer Member Meltem Çakır pointed out that bleeding during tooth brushing is the first symptom of gingivitis, and stated that if not treated, the disease may progress to periodontitis and cause irreversible damage to the gums and alveolar bone that supports teeth.

Stating that bad breath may be caused by gingivitis, Çakır said, “Gingivitis is manifested by bleeding gums, red and growing in volume. Healthy gums are generally pale coral pink, firm consistency and orange peel appearance.

In the event of inflammation, a rounding of the gum edge, swelling, gum-shaped disorder and a discoloration of the gum color with a red and purple appearance occurs. This may be accompanied by bad breath. “

Stating that surgical treatment will not be required in the early diagnosis of gingivitis, Çakır said, “In the initial periodontal treatment, tooth and root surface cleaning is done, oral hygiene training is given, occlusion is controlled and retention areas (decays, wisdom teeth) that allow the accumulation of food residues and microorganisms more easily are removed. With this treatment, it is aimed to reduce or eliminate the inflammation in the gums and to remove the microorganisms that cause gingivitis. With this treatment, the gum adapts to the tooth again, the gum shrinks and the tissue pocket is eliminated. used the expressions.

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