What causes low back pain and which diseases other than innocent reasons in daily life cause this complaint?

• Herniated disc at young ages
• Spinal calcification in advanced ages is the most common of the diseases that cause low back pain.

Both diseases that we have mentioned are diseases that people in the street fear and fear. The basis of this fear is the fear of being disabled due to these diseases.

Many people are afraid of these diseases as well as they are afraid of treatment methods, especially surgeries. We often come across the worry of “what if I have surgery and become disabled, if the surgery is not successful, if I cannot walk or work”. As with any surgery, lumbar hernia, neck hernia, spinal canal stenosis surgeries also have risks.

Contemporary medicine practices, on the one hand, “How can we heal the patient more accurately and quickly?” While searching for the answer to the question, on the other hand, it seeks to reduce the harm that the patient may suffer due to treatment. If there is a treatment method that can be applied with less or no harm to the patient compared to an operation, why would an operation with risks and a long recovery period be performed?

In developed countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan and Korea, most of the symptoms such as low back pain, neck pain, and diseases such as herniated disc, neck hernia, spinal calcification can now be treated simply without surgery. These treatments are carried out by using laser or radio-frequency energy by reaching the diseased tissue causing pain with the help of simple needles.

Patients who require surgery are operated using fully closed (endoscopic) methods as much as possible.

Non-surgical treatment methods have a great advantage over surgeries;

• It is not necessary to stay in the hospital, you can return home half an hour after the procedure.
• Without cutting the skin, just a simple needle and a thinner than one millimeter through the needle
With the help of electrodes, it is done under radiological control.
• The risk of bleeding is negligible.
• The risk of infection is much less than surgery.
• Since the skin is not cut, there are no dressing and wound healing problems.
• No damage is done to healthy tissues, there is no damage caused by the surgery.
• There is no need for painkillers used after the surgery.

Non-surgical treatment methods are primarily applied in developed countries due to the comfort and convenience they provide for the patient.

Non-surgical treatment methods of spinal diseases have been used in our country for many years. Many specialist doctors from different countries of the world choose our country to receive training on this subject. Kiss. Dr. In addition to successfully applying these methods for years, Tunç KOÇ has given training to nearly a hundred doctors from many countries, from the USA to Nigeria, from Ukraine to Argentina, with the applied courses he has organized.

Doctors from different countries of the world continue to apply these methods successfully in their own countries after the training they received in our country.

Doctor Tunç Koç can continue to communicate regularly with the doctors participating in the training, through live meetings and consultations over the internet. He can examine the films that his colleagues have sent him, and can remotely support them in making the treatment decision and the treatment method.

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