There are many definitions of positive thinking. However, the methods to implement it are limited. First of all, it is necessary to understand what positive thinking is. Personal Development Specialist Turhan Güldaş offers effective solutions to think positively and change your life:


“Some terms have entered personal development terminology, but some cannot be adequately explained. In my opinion, the statements that have been announced so far have not been enough to fully understand the positive thinking. At the same time, suggestions for solutions are missing. The diagnosis is correct, but futile unless a solution is found. Let’s think positively, but how? Knowing does not help unless the solution is sufficient. So, let’s first grasp the positive thinking with the solution proposal. Let’s try a different way for this. Instead of thinking positively, let’s think negatively.

What happens if we think negatively? As it is known from the Law of Attraction, we draw the events we think into our lives and live what we dream. We send a message to the universe in this direction and what we think becomes real. Just like making a wish. If you have a negative thought, you will be as if you wish it. For example, you keep thinking that you will get sick. You are worried about this. Your brain keeps saying this. In fact, you seem to wish it. You set up negative scenarios in your brain and ultimately draw them into your life. The critical point here is the power of thought. There is truth in the words of the ancients. “It’s okay if you say something 40 times.” Is correct. Thought has such a great power in our lives that it is enough to change everything. Why should we make our life difficult, living happily, being healthy, being successful, etc. Why let negative emotions guide our lives while you are there. The trick is here; The biggest reason for thinking negatively is not to forget past events, to be under the influence of negative experiences, to worry about the feeling that we will live again, to keep the negative events alive by thinking about them every time, and ultimately not to live today. When you think about those negative experiences, you experience the effects of the first moment you live.

You will feel the same emotions every time you portray them, however you have lived, how they have had a psychological effect. Your body experiences the same stress, emits the same secretions, and gives the effect of the same negative energy. Therefore, repeating past events and staying in the past is one of the biggest reasons for negative thinking. Also, thoughts about the future create anxiety. For example, people worry about the future during the pandemic process. The number of patients with Covit is increasing, it will get worse, it will not improve, the anxiety grows and a solution cannot be found, people live in constant anxiety. Thus, we transmit a thought that has already accepted to lose to our brain and we start the day defeated. In short, we will not leave the past in the past and have anxiety about the future. Because both will not benefit us but harm.

So what to do! The important thing is to stay in the present, to live the present. This is sharing the moment. The most important time is now. If you become aware of the moment, stay the day you are, reveal your maximum energy and live positive, you will find the solution. You cannot rebuild the past, the way to build the future is today. Whatever you experience today will have consequences in the future. Don’t expect to build your future positively with negative thoughts. If you plant apples, you cannot grow pears. “Whatever you plant, you reap it.”

How can we achieve it? Think of the books you read. After a while, you may not remember what you read there. You have to go back and read it again. You promise to yourself that I will do this, 60-70 thousand ideas come to your mind during the day, but at the end of the day, you have forgotten all of them. Our brains don’t take some thoughts seriously. He has to repeat it to take it seriously. It asks the brain to repeat the thoughts to perceive them as commands. In Turkish, we call this affirmations. Technically, his name in personal development methods is mantra. It is one of the most powerful factors of personal development. With mantra, we motivate ourselves to be open to positive thinking, to be aware and to live in the present. These motivational phrases also give a roadmap to our brain. There is a mantra I shared recently. A mantra whose influence is strong, tried and whose positive results have been received by hundreds of thousands of people: “Today We Create More Perfectly.”

The purpose of this mantra is to be in the present, to be in the present. And it is to create us more perfect. We use the power of this mantra to make better decisions, to be in the present. We write by hand on a piece of paper at least 100 times a day. This sentence we write is spinning in our minds, over and over again … It becomes a state that affects all of their decisions, thoughts, choices. The magic of the manta is to give positive thinking to the brain. If you want to try the opposite; If you write 100 times that I will get sick, you will eventually get sick. I recommend the mantra to think positively and live positively. There are many varieties of mantra but this is the most current and recommended mantra today. Write, apply, and see how miraculous changes happen in your life.

What changes in our lives if we think positively? Our energy changes with positive thoughts, our soul becomes lighter, our eyes laugh. Positive events come into our lives. People also love us. Nobody wants to have people who produce negative thoughts around them. People always want people who radiate energy and increase their energy when they are with them. We attract positive stories and positive people into our lives. To make positive thinking consciously means to get behind the wheel of our lives. And so you can turn your life in any direction you want. In other words, you enliven the life you want to live by thinking positively, send a message to the universe in that direction and express what you want to have. This situation is just like praying. When you think positively, your life will be better day by day. Your life will suddenly become a daily sun visor. So we think positively and create us more perfect today. ”

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