Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Mustafa Serdar Yaşartekin said, “Over the past years, the perception of plastic surgery was also against the issue of genital aesthetics. People who are interested in genital aesthetics and want to have it done were hesitant to express their wishes, they could not express their expectations comfortably during the mutual interview with the experts and did not want to announce it to the people around them.

However, in this period we live in, people’s thoughts about genital procedures are much different now. People who need aesthetic intervention in their genital area can apply to specialists much more easily than before.”

Genital Structure Consists of These Parts…

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Mustafa Serdar Yaşartekin, “There are some parts that make up the genital structure. Genital aesthetics are procedures applied to different parts of the genital structure for different purposes.

Genital area;
Big lips (Labium majus)
Small lips (Labium minus)
Hymen (Hymen)
Upper part of the lips-top region (Mons pubis)
consists of parts
Various deformities in these parts of the genital area do not only cause an aesthetically bad appearance; It also causes problems such as loss of self-confidence, sexual inadequacy, lack of pleasure, embarrassment, anxiety and feelings of failure in women.

Genital Aesthetics is Divided into Sections!

Saying that genital aesthetics is divided into sections, Yaşartekin conveyed the details about the types of genital aesthetics.


Labiaplasty procedure;
It is described by the names of inner lip aesthetics, small lip aesthetics, labio minora aesthetics, and labio minora reduction.
“Labia” in Latin means lip.
Labiaplasty surgery consists of interventions on the large and small lips in the genital area. It is the procedures performed on the lips called “labium”, the large lips that form the external genital structure and the small lips existing in the inner part. It is an operation performed to reduce the inner lips and to bring them into a better shape in terms of aesthetics. In addition to the aesthetic appearance obtained as a result of labiaplasty surgeries, it also has benefits in terms of sexual, psychological and sociological aspects.
There may be sagging in postpartum or aging situations. Wearing tight clothes, tights, swimsuits and bikinis may cause an uncomfortable appearance. All these problems can be eliminated with surgery.
Among the types of genital aesthetics, the procedure that takes the shortest time and despite this, the operation that is given the most importance is “Labioplasty”. When the patient is discharged on the day of the operation, it is recommended not to have sexual intercourse for about 1 month.


In women who have an active sexual life, the surgical procedures performed in vaginal enlargements that occur due to age, such as vaginal birth, weight gain or weight loss, are called vaginoplasty, with the medical name of vaginal tightening surgery.
The aim of these operations is to increase the quality of life and to increase the sexual pleasure of both parties during sexual intercourse. These operations increase the self-confidence of women. During vaginoplasty, excess tissue in the area is removed, narrowing and rejuvenation of the surrounding skin tissue.
The same process can be done with the laser method. The laser procedure does not require anesthesia and the regeneration of the inner muscles is achieved in a very short time. After the surgical procedure, sexual intercourse is not recommended for up to 5 weeks, and for 2 weeks in laser vaginoplasty.
Vaginal enlargement; Unpleasant sounds during sexual intercourse, such as burping due to air entry and exit into the vagina, may cause urinary incontinence in situations that increase intra-abdominal pressure, such as laughing, coughing, sneezing, due to the bladder protruding into the enlarged vaginal canal in advanced stages.
Removal of Postpartum Scars
During normal births, various tears can occur in the part of the baby’s head. Even if there are no tears, episiotomy can be performed. If these incisions are not repaired as desired and a bad suture technique is applied, an aesthetically unappealing vaginal appearance may occur.

It is only possible to make these scar tissues, which make women unhappy and uneasy, aesthetically possible by surgical method. During the recovery period, sexual intercourse is not recommended for 5-6 weeks on average.


Mons pubis is characterized as the filling of the upper parts of the vagina and the outer lips. As with all skin tissue, with advancing age, thinning, sagging, and wrinkles may occur in the genital areas of people. For this reason, filling can be performed on large lips.

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