The complete closure process continues in the coronavirus. Pointing out that there will also be a mental pandemic in this period, Psychiatrist Dr. Alişan Burak Yaşar said, “We are in a very difficult period in terms of dating, social relations and get-togethers due to the pandemic. Previously, when a person felt bad, he would go to his neighbor and meet with his friends. There was a walk in the park. Before it was completely shut down, people limited their social relationships in fear of being infected. We are deprived of an important nutritional area, we cannot say good or bad because we have to. But we should realize that this situation will cause psychological wounds ”.


Emphasizing that a solution should be found according to the conditions, Yaşar said, “If possible, let’s talk with our loved ones in the morning and evening for 10-15 minutes. Many people work from home, our relationship with the internet has greatly increased. People used to meet at work or in social settings. Now, they come across in meetings and applications in the virtual environment, which seems to be social. Our social recovery opportunities have changed a lot compared to before the pandemic. But we can build social opportunities unique to today ”.


Yaşar said, “Human gets better with relationship, we need resources for this. That’s why we use resources on social media. In fact, this can close many gaps because we used to meet in the market, now we have masks, we see eyes, we do not have gestures. Or we would meet at weddings, associations, sports events, art events. “People heal people, if this contact is sought, it is important.”


Stating that every contact will leave a mark, Yaşar said, “A person never returns to his previous state completely. Therefore, what we learned and affected by the pandemic will have created a significant change in us, even if the risk is completely eliminated ”.


Touching on the importance of solidarity, Yaşar said, “WHO also announced that there is a spiritual pandemic. The number of people suffering from depression, trauma and burnout has risen considerably. We also conducted a research on healthcare professionals. We found that he had significant difficulties with insomnia and hopelessness. There is already a trauma, we experienced moments when we felt helpless. We cannot use coping mechanisms such as human relations and solidarity. The most important strength of man in the face of difficulties is solidarity. Man cannot survive alone. We find it very difficult to be together, ”he said.

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