Elected as the President of the World Apheresis Union in 2018, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Medicine Hematology Department Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Fevzi Altuntaþ, in his statement to the DHA ‘CAR-T cells’ of he said applied in Turkey for the first time last Tuesday in hospital treatment. Altuntaş stated that ‘CAR-T cells’ are cells that are formed by gaining the ability to recognize cancer cells and the ability to further kill cancer cells after the immune cells normally found in the body are collected and processed in the laboratory. Altuntaş said, “In other words, we take normal immune cells under laboratory conditions, process them and make them stronger. We enable them to recognize cancer cells. This is a kind of personalized treatment method. “We applied it for the first time in our country as part of the study. We performed our first application on Tuesday last week. We are in the first week of the treatment.


Stating that ‘CAR-T cell’ therapy is an immunotherapy method, Altuntaş said, “We take their own natural immune cells from the cancer patient. We send them to the laboratory. These cells are processed in the laboratory. These cells are given the ability to recognize cancer cells and their ability to fight cancer cells is increased. “And then we send these cells to clinics properly. In clinics, they are given to patients. And we can achieve 80 percent success in cancer cases, especially in hematological characteristics. We apply this treatment to our patients free of charge within the scope of clinical research.”


Altuntaş said that since 2016, there have been approximately 400 applications in the United States of America (USA) and over a thousand in the European Union (EU), “Actually, this is a kind of new treatment method all over the world. In fact, it is a groundbreaking treatment method in cancer treatment. It was applied here for the first time in our country within the scope of clinical research. It is a costly treatment method with a price of over 450 thousand dollars in western societies such as Europe and the USA. “I think that it is an opportunity to offer a treatment method to cancer patients in our country. I say that it is an opportunity to provide access to this. CAR-T cell therapy continues to be performed within the scope of clinical trials in hematological cancers in Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital Clinical Research Center.”


Turkey CR-T cell therapy methods of expression that should be proud because the start Altuntaþ “However, the next process in also got to see long-term results of treatment. Because such treatments are innovative treatments are innovative treatments. Him because I need to wait for their long-term results. A little We need more time. There may be unexpected side effects in cancer treatments in the long term. But this does not mean “an important obstacle to clinical developments.” These are manageable situations, especially in the field of cancer. However, when we look for now, we see that CAR-T cell therapy is new all over the world. “We do not know the long-term results. We must be patient in this respect. We must increase our scientific studies. We must increase both center-oriented and the number of volunteers,” he said.

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