When consumed raw, garlic, which strengthens the immune system, protects against cancer, facilitates cell repair, and prevents the proliferation of some bacteria such as helicobacter pylori, thanks to the sulfuric compounds in its content.

However, excessive consumption can cause bleeding in the body. It is very useful to have two teeth on the table every day, which many people avoid because of its smell.

Onion, from the same family, is a very powerful antioxidant that protects against cell damage and strengthens immunity.


Kefir is perfect for increasing body resistance, especially nowadays where microbes are rampant. All studies conducted in recent years reveal that kefir is protective against upper respiratory tract infections when consumed regularly.

Kefir protects against influenza infections, prevents cancer-causing factors in the intestine, and is beneficial to the digestive system thanks to its probiotic feature.

It also benefits nervous disorders, anorexia and insomnia. Kefir, which is also used in the treatment of ulcer hypertension, bronchitis and asthma patients, is a food that should be consumed by both children and adults.


One of the superfoods of the immune system, spinach contains vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium, magnesium and quarcetin all together.

Vitamin C and folic acid, which are abundant in spinach that prevent infections and strengthen immunity, not only protect the body, but also fights infections.

Heart-friendly spinach also has a delaying effect on brain aging. Consume this miraculous food of nature, which promises health and is just in season.


It is obvious that the phrase “to be like a radish” is not spoken in vain. Because it is a complete source of health thanks to its rich vitamin C, folic acid, phosphorus and high dietary fiber. Radish, which is a very powerful antioxidant, is perfect for the treatment of diseases such as colds. Thanks to its high fiber, it supports the digestive and excretory system and is good for coughing.

Wash the radish well, cut it from the top and play inside. (Do not throw out the pieces and use it in a salad. Put honey in the part you have carved) Place it on a water glass.

Make a tiny scratch from the bottom of the radish so that it identifies with the honey radish juice you put in it and flows into the glass. You can benefit children and adults over 2 years of age by waiting for one night and drinking in the morning and evening. You can use the leaves of radish, which are at least as useful as itself, in your salads.


Phytotherapy, Nutrition and Diet Specialist Bilgili says, “Broccoli supports immunity by showing antioxidant activity thanks to its sulforane substance. It stimulates the immune system because it contains vitamin C and vitamin E together”.

Research conducted in the USA revealed that this “sulforapan” substance found in broccoli is effective in preventing the damage of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is mostly caused by smoking and causes the death of 100 thousands of people around the world every year.

It turned out that broccoli is a shield against many diseases due to the vitamins it contains.


Ginger, one of the miraculous foods of nature, provides many benefits, from upper respiratory tract infections and flu to cancer, provided that it does not overdo it. In addition to facilitating digestion and digestion, ginger, which is good for nausea, lowers cholesterol and prevents blood clotting, also has pain relieving properties.

A series of studies conducted at the University of Michigan in the USA revealed that ginger could also be used in cancer treatment in the near future.


Red pepper is rich in vitamin C and potassium. While vitamin C, which is abundant in it, strengthens the immune system, potassium reduces the risk of heart attack.

In addition to its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, it lowers cholesterol, regulates stomach acid and stands out as a source of healing in winter with its germicidal properties.

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