Stating that there are only a few days before the 2021 Higher Education Institutions Exam, the candidates are worried about the coronavirus infection as well as the exam anxiety, Lecturer. See. Gül Uçar said, “Although institutions will take adequate precautions regarding health safety before the exam, it will be beneficial for the candidates to take some precautions in the same way, based on the number of candidates taking the exam.” Uçar said that following the hygiene rules on the way to the exam, during and after the exam will suppress the stress against the risk of catching the disease.


Uçar said, “Schools are ready for exams with coronavirus measures. For this reason, do not make the exam process negative with the concern of whether it will be infected. On this path you set out for your dreams, being cautious and overcoming your anxiety will add a lot to you. The important thing is to take your precautions and focus only on the exam. We have all learned that the coronavirus is transmitted by droplets and by touching the surfaces that the respiratory secretions of the patients come into contact with, and then by touching the eyes, mouth and nose of the hands. For this reason, first of all, when going to the school where we will take the exam, make sure to wear your mask properly. If you are using public transport, avoid contact with surfaces inside the vehicle. If possible, have a double mask with you, put the mask you used on your way to school in the waste box and put on a new one before entering the exam hall for hygiene reasons. Follow the social distance rule until you enter the exam hall from the school garden,” he said.

Instructor See. Gül Uçar said the following about the measures to be taken during the exam:

“Because your contact with the table and chair will increase during the exam, you should not touch your face and eyes. Continue your exam without worrying if you forget and drive. I especially recommend covering your mouth with a tissue in case of coughing and sneezing.”


Stating that the used pencil and eraser should be thrown into the waste box just in case, when leaving the exam hall, Lecturer. See. Gül Uçar said, “You must leave the school by washing your hands and following the social distance rule. If you have family members waiting outside, let’s avoid contact after the exam. As a precaution, I recommend you to take off the clothes you wear while going to the exam when you enter the house.”

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