Dr. Lecturer Özge Bektaş stated that there have been false statements about fluoride that are not based on scientific data, especially on social media, and gave information about its benefits.

Stating that the use of fluoride, which is used in many foods, especially toothpaste, has harmful effects on health and causes mental retardation with its toxic properties, Bektaş said that families are anxious and cause information pollution. and rejects preventative practices. Thus, they adversely affect oral and dental health by preventing the protection of children in the high risk group who need to prevent dental caries ”.

Stating that the bacteria in the mouth and causing caries and excessive sugar consumption are also effective in the formation of tooth decay, Bektaş stated that the protective properties of saliva and fluoride are effective in preventing caries.

Stating that fluoride applications, such as the prevention of health-threatening diseases with vaccination applications in pediatric patients, are a proven and low-cost method in the prevention of dental caries, scientific researches are very important in preventing tooth decay and making tooth enamel resistant to acids in the mouth. He added that it showed that it was effective. For this reason, Bektaş said that toothpastes containing fluoride are used worldwide.


Emphasizing that fluoride is very important for the prevention of early childhood caries seen in children under the age of 3, for the child not to have problems due to dental infection in the early period and for the maintenance of proper oral dental health without the need for dental treatments under general anesthesia, Bektaş said, “ It is recommended to use fluoride varnishes instead of gels in local applications in order to reduce it. No adverse effects occur after the use of fluoride varnishes. But these applications should be done by the dentist by using a saliva absorber by evaluating the fluoride intake from other sources and the risk of caries.

Bektaş stated that regulation of nutrition with fluoride applications, providing oral hygiene, antimicrobial approaches and regular dentist control are also very important in preventing dental caries.


Stating that children should benefit from fluoride with the methods recommended by the dentist, Bektaş said:

“As long as the correct concentration and amount of fluoride is used by the dentist at the right time, with the right method, it is safe. Fluoride used in appropriate amounts recommended by dentists has no side effects on human health. Brushing teeth twice a day with an age-appropriate concentration and amount of fluoride toothpaste The use of local fluoride applications in periods appropriate to the age, needs and caries risk group of the individual determined by the dentist plays an important role in reducing tooth decay. “

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