According to the researches carried out by the Turkish Dental Association; While the toothpaste usage rate is 50 percent, 10 percent of the population is not in favor of going to the dentist. Again in these studies; annual amount of toothpaste use in Turkey is around 120 grams, this ratio Britain 480, Italy 270, Spain has also emerged that the 155 grams. In addition, Turkey’s toothbrush 1 to 4 people per year fall; There are 2.5 toothbrushes per year for 4 people in Europe and America. 1 out of 3 people per day in Turkey does not even brush their teeth once. According to TURKSTAT data, oral and dental diseases are among the first five diseases in 0-6 age group children; This problem is in the first place for children in the 7-14 age group.

Making evaluations on the subject, Uzm. Dr. Fatma Çiçekdağı Set said, “With the pandemic, consumption of safe food has increased and this has had positive effects on oral and dental health. However, the decrease in routine dental checks and treatments also caused the progress of caries and consequently an increase in root canal treatment and tooth loss rates, ”he said.


Pointing out that people temporarily postpone their oral and dental health checks and treatments due to the pandemic, Specialist Dr. “In a dental infection, the amount of white blood immune cells required for the defense system to attack the pathogens that make up this infection is important. These resources are best applied to prevent viral attack and avoid the ill effects of a viral attack. Oral and general health problems accumulated in the body; By reducing the sources of these defense cells, it can lead to a severe course of the disease in case of any virus infection. In addition, many general health problems have intraoral findings, ”he said.

Set continued his words as follows:

“Again, orthodontic treatment, which is not seen as an emergency treatment, may give unsuccessful results if it is not applied on time because it includes conditions such as ‘jaw problems’ or the treatments that should be applied during the growth and development period. In addition, digestive problems may occur due to problems with prostheses and in patients who are toothless during this period, due to the inability to chew food well. In addition, anterior tooth deficiencies, whose treatment is delayed, cause the patient to experience aesthetic and social problems. For these reasons, we recommend that our patients do not interfere with their routine oral checks and treatments. “


Noting that the stress, fear, economic concerns and untreated caries caused by the pandemic cause an increase in bruxism, also known as tooth clenching and teeth grinding, Uzm. Dr. Set said, “Since bruxism may cause tooth fractures, periodontal diseases and jaw problems, its treatment should be done as soon as possible. Bruxism treatment is provided with the elimination of dental problems that cause bruxism, botox applications to the jaw muscles that cause tooth tightening, and personalized plaques to prevent squeezing at night, ”he said.


Stating that as the rate of cases and deaths continues to increase worldwide due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, specialist Dr. Set, “ US dentists pointed out that dental health problems are increasing in people infected with COVID-19, and stated that the sudden ‘tooth loss’ should be considered among the long-term symptoms of covidin. However, US dentists have announced that there is an increase in cases of sudden tooth loss in new types of coronavirus patients. The New York Times newspaper met with long-term covid-19 patients on dental health. She announced that a woman named Farah Khemili, 43, who lives in New York, lost her front tooth a month after she caught Covid-19 in the spring. However, Khemili stated that he had problems with his teeth in the past and his doctor told him that he had bone loss in his mouth because of smoking. Another woman who did not reveal her name said that while eating ice cream a few weeks after she caught Covid-19, a female suddenly fell out of her mouth without feeling pain. Increased coagulation in Kovid-19 can be fatal for organs if it occurs in vital organs or small organs such as teeth, creating the risk of embolism in patients. Of course, the embolism may affect the jaw bones, teeth and gums. Embolism can cause tooth vitality loss. However, all of these are assumptions and must be brought to reality through studies, ”he said.


Providing advice on oral hygiene during the pandemic process, Specialist Dr. Fatma Çiçekdağı Set, effectively brushing teeth 3 times a day and for 3 minutes, followed by the use of dental floss and interface brush, followed by the use of a tongue brush, and finally, the use of an antiseptic mouthwash, the placement of Kovid-19 in the mouth and from there breathing. He emphasized that it can reduce the risk of spreading to the roads. In addition, Set noted that most toothpastes contain sulfactant (active surface cleaner) and sodium or magnesium lauryl sulphate as detergents:

“Detergents are active compounds with foaming properties. It remains active for 5-7 hours and removes its virulence by breaking down and inactivating the outer lipid membrane of the virus, just like soaps do, in a possible virus infection. Likewise, antiseptic mouthwashes prevent the virus from settling and reproducing in the epithelial tissue in the mouth and throat. Tartar should be cleaned regularly; tooth whiteners should be used under the control of dentists. Care should be taken to drink water or rinse mouths with water after each meal. Toothbrushes should not be in the same container in a home to prevent the increase of priority epidemic. After the teeth are brushed, the brush should be cleaned and put in a protective cover if required in a separate container. If the toothbrush is uncovered in the bathroom, it is another important point not to flush the toilet before the toilet seat is closed. Because the covid-19 virus has been detected in the stool. The tongue, which has been supported by researches, where microorganisms in the mouth are frequented and the most important area that can cause diseases, should be cleaned regularly every day with personalized tongue brushes.

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