Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Mental Health and Diseases Professor. Dr. Gülcan Kalender Prof. Dr. Güleç, in his written statement, pointed out that the feeling of anxiety is related to the feeling that something bad will happen and the existence of a danger situation, “Anxiety can be compared to alarm. The necessity of an alarm system to work at a moderate level also applies to anxiety. Regardless of why we are concerned, a moderate anxiety prepares us to be alert to those dangers, to take precautions, and to keep us alive. But if the alarm system does not work, it sounds too much or less, and if it acts as soon as possible, it means it cannot fulfill its duty. ” used the expressions.

“Our concern should be moderate”

Noting that intense depression occurred in many people during the epidemic process, Güleç said:

“We are worried about getting sick, dying, losing our loved ones, not being able to keep it alive, losing our job, experiencing economic difficulties, being alone about Kovid-19, and the fear of Kovid-19 causes depression. Actually, our anxiety should be moderate. We must continue to live. We can develop a post-traumatic stress disorder even when the epidemic is over or years after the disease is brought under control. We are moving to a normalization process in a controlled manner. We have to be very careful not to repeat what happened in a year. We need to continue our lives by not thinking that the epidemic is over, taking precautions and not turning off the alarm in our minds. “

Güleç emphasized that the most important way to defeat Kovid-19 is to comply with the rules, and support should be obtained from the relevant physicians in order to overcome the psychological diseases that will cause problems in the future if not treated.

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