Dr. Elif Benar ”The excess in the food is one of the regions that affect the structure and appearance of the face the most. Even if you have very sharp and beautiful lines, the jowl is an element that directly shadows the jawline line, heavily pulls the face down and makes the person look overweight even if he is thin when viewed from the front. For this reason, jowl aesthetics is not only the correction of a certain area, but actually the whole face and neck improvement as a whole. “

What is a double chin?

Dr. Elif Benar “Gıdı is the name given to the fullness under the chin. I’d like to correct a misinformation about the jowl. Jowl isn’t just about being overweight. Although it is generally thought that overweight people have jowls, jowl can also be seen in thin people. Double chin aesthetics, on the other hand, are applications made to minimize the appearance of the jowl hanging from under the chin and to make the neck line look weaker and more aesthetic. The purpose of jowl aesthetics is to help reshape the lower part of the face and eliminate the jowl. “

Why does the double chin hang?

Dr. Elif Benar said, “Sagging food is a common condition in human nature. Because the skin tissue surrounding the jowl, that is, the lower part of the chin, is thin. The thin skin structure here begins to wrinkle and sag over time with the reduction of collagen under the skin. While jowl sagging appears earlier in some people genetically, it begins to be seen after the age of 30 in some people. Another reason for jowl sagging, other than aging and genetic factors, is frequent weight gain and loss. Deformation occurs in the skin of people who gain and lose weight intensively. The skin loses its elasticity and cannot recover. In this case, it would be inevitable for the jowl to sag. “

Who needs food melting?

Dr. Elif Benar “Those who are shaded due to the jawline line, jaw line, people who are overweight, people who have regional fat accumulation even if they are thin, need to melt the jowl.”

What is non-surgical jowl aesthetics?

Dr. “Non-surgical double chin aesthetics can be treated alone or in combination, depending on the condition of the person. If the amount of fat in the person’s jowl area is high, fat melting injection can be applied first. The advantage of non-surgical jowl aesthetics is that the procedure is done in a very short time. The fat-melting injection takes 10 minutes. Since there is no surgical intervention, people can return to their daily life immediately after the procedure. The application is painless, there are no situations such as hospitalization or surgery pain. It must be done under the supervision of a physician. “

Can the person return to his / her daily life immediately after non-surgical jowl aesthetics?

Dr. Elif Benar said, “After the non-surgical double chin surgery, the person can continue his / her daily life. Such that; people can have this procedure done even in the lunch break during working hours and return to their jobs. “

Are there any side effects waiting for the person?

Dr. “After the procedure, side effects such as edema that heals in a few days and redness and bruising may occur within hours. The result of the fat melting injection process is seen for 4-6 weeks. It is generally recommended to do 2-4 sessions depending on the amount of fat. “

What should the person who has non-surgical jowl aesthetics pay attention to? Is it possible for the oil in that area to return after the operation?

Dr. Elif Benar said, “In general, it can be recommended to drink water regularly, to eat regularly and to do sports. As long as these recommendations are followed, the oil will not be recycled. “

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