Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Demet İlhan Algin reported that family arguments and stress can cause awakenings in the first third of sleep, especially in children aged 5-7.

In the statement made by the Rectorate, Algin stated that in the “parasomnia” disorder known as “sleep terror”, symptoms such as surprise, screaming, unstoppable crying, walking and running can be seen in children who get up from their bed during sleep.

Emphasizing that the child does not actually wake up and continues to sleep in such situations, Algin said, “Families get stressed in such situations. I can say that trying to wake the patient is not the right approach. The patient should be put to bed after being calmed down and the attack should pass.” used the phrases.

Algin informed that this disorder, which manifests itself especially in children between the ages of 5 and 7, is due to various reasons.

Touching on the causes of parasomnia, which can also be caused by genetic predisposition, Algin shared the following information:

“Negativeness in the family, arguments or negativities at school and syndromes such as sleep apnea cause parasomnia. It is necessary to inform the relatives of the patient correctly and to explain to the families that this disease is a benign condition. The disease improves at the age of 15. Apart from drug treatment, it can also be caused by behavioral methods. This disease can be treated. Families who experience such a situation should consult a child psychiatrist or child neurologist.”

Assoc. Dr. Demet İlhan Algin pointed out that necessary conditions should be created for quality sleep and added that sleep hygiene affects not only physical and mental health, but also mental functions such as attention and learning needed during the day.

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