Kiss. Dr. Berrin Karakuy stated that there is a decrease in male fertility worldwide today. Stating that this problem has increased in the last 23 years, Op. Dr. Karakuy said that according to researches, male infertility was 30 percent in the world 23 years ago, but today it has reached 50 percent. Likewise, Op. Stating that there is a decrease in egg reserve and quality in women. Dr. Karakuy noted that the incidence of early menopause also increased.


Explaining that besides eating habits and lifestyle, environmental factors cause diseases by decreasing or increasing the activity of genes. Dr. Karakuy continued his words as follows:

“When we investigate the cause of IVF failure or recurrent miscarriages, we see that sperm DNA fragmentation is a problem in men, and ovarian reserve decreases rapidly in women at a young age. The reason for the decrease in male fertility and the decrease in women’s ovarian reserve at younger ages is due to epigenetic factors. Without any change in our DNA sequence, changes in the chemical function of DNA, inadequate or overworked can reveal these problems. Today, in the researches conducted around the world, it has been observed that the cause of cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases is due to the deterioration of the balance or the functioning structure between genetic and epigenetic systems.


Kiss. Dr. Berrin Karakuy stated that there are many couples who apply to IVF method for these reasons, “The fact that there are fewer embryos in micro injection (injection of a specific sperm cell into a specific egg cell), which is the in vitro fertilization method, brings the epigenetic factors to the agenda. “Today, we cannot get epigenetic tests in our classic tests while preparing couples for IVF treatment because they have high costs. However, we tend to use this test in case of recurrent IVF failures or recurrent miscarriages in couples,” said Op.

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