The stones on both sides of the head of the rock bass fish, which is a rarely caught fish, are removed and sold by fishermen claiming that it is good for kidney patients. Citizens demand for stones sold for 3 TL each, which is claimed to accelerate the reduction of kidney stones. Many people beat the stones in a mortar until they have the consistency of flour, mix them with lemon, wait until the stones dissolve, and add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and consume it on an empty stomach. While fishing tradesmen say that they cannot keep up with the demand for stone, nutritionists underline that it should be used carefully.

Mehmet Kuzutırnak (34), one of the fish market tradesmen in Güzelbahçe district of Izmir, said, “These stones do not come from every fish. They come out in the fish, minekop and grany, but it is believed that rock bass is useful. It is removed from the cerebellum behind the eye of these fish. Only 2 stones come out of a fish. “This stone is good and accelerates the loss of kidney stones. The benefits of this stone are circulating from ear to ear and there is a lot of demand. Fishermen sell it for 3 TL.”

Another tradesman, Mehmet Oğlum, (72) claimed that many people dropped stones with this method.


Nutritionists warned the public about the use of this stone, whose scientific effectiveness has not been proven. Derya Zünbülcan, a nutritionist living in İzmir, said, “It is known that the stones of the rock bass or mite fish are useful for kidney stones when used by melting them in various ways. “The use and dosage of the foods that are a source of healing for us are very important, so they should be used in consultation with an expert.”

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