According to a study conducted at the University of Manchester in England, Prof. Dr. Daniel Davis explained that the coronavirus vaccine will be more effective due to the positive effect of immunity in case of staying away from stress. Evaluating the research, Specialist Clinical Psychologist Tuğçe Özer said, “The higher the stress in the body, the lower the rate of antibody production.”


Stating that the body reacts as if there is a chronic illness when the stress level is too high, Specialist Clinical Psychologist Özer said, “A study was conducted between two groups at the University of Manchester. In one group, there are people who maintain happy relationships, eat healthily and sleep regularly. In the other group, there are people who sleep regularly. People who can’t sleep, whose sleep is interrupted, who do not have a diet routine. The antibody levels of both groups are measured. People who sleep more regularly and well have higher antibody production levels in the body, and this rate reaches up to 56 percent. When we consider the research according to our country, The age of vaccination has come down to the 20s. People in their 20s do not have many chronic diseases, but when the stress level is too high, the body may react as if there is a chronic disease, “he said.


Stating that regular sleep, healthy relationships and a happy relationship will decrease the stress level and increase the possibility of the body to produce antibodies after vaccination, Özer said:

“If we talk about people over the age of 65, there may be chronic discomfort in people over the age of 65, but sleep levels are also very important here. When people do not sleep regularly, the body’s antibody production rate may not be sufficient. Thus, the immune systems are strengthened. The sources of stress in our age are social media, digital environment, communication. There are factors that reduce our sleep quality. Recently, young people take the phone with them even when they go to bed at night. This is a factor that will negatively affect sleep quality. Therefore, you do not wake up in the morning rested, “You don’t sleep deeply at night. You sleep more superficially. Your stress hormones in the body increase without realizing it. We need to sleep regularly, drink a lot of water, and minimize stress as much as possible in order for the vaccine to produce antibodies.”


Specialist Clinical Psychologist Tuğçe Özer underlined that it is important to organize one’s workplace and to put one or two flowers on the table in order to get away from stress, “In addition to these, using candles, incense, and essential lavender oil on the desk also stimulates the brain in a positive way. It minimizes the stress level. Drinking water is also very effective here. Because there are studies that show that water increases the hormone of happiness. When you drink water, your body releases the hormone of happiness just as if you ate chocolate. One hour before going to bed at night, getting away from digital materials in your hand, dripping lavender oil on your pillow will help you sleep better. will provide,” he said.

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