Nutrition Specialist Seda Uşarer gave guiding information to prevent discomfort caused by malnutrition during Kurban Bayram. Uşarer stated that the basic principles of healthy nutrition, food selection, portion control and balanced distribution of food groups should be taken into consideration during the feast, stressing that the meat of the sacrifice should not be cooked as soon as it is cut.

Uşarer drew attention to the death stiffness in sacrificial meat and said, “There is a situation that we call death stiffness in slaughtered meat. In other words, the quality and maturity of the meat is not ripe enough for immediate consumption. If possible, it should be rested for 24 hours. It causes some stomach problems when the meat is cooked as soon as it is cut.”

Seda Uşarer, who also gave information about the storage conditions, said that the meat should be divided into small pieces and stored in refrigerator bags. Explaining that the cut meat should be preserved in the form of sauteed meat or minced meat, Uşarer emphasized that the amount to be consumed should be kept in one piece. Reminding that re-freezing of thawed meat should be avoided, Dietitian Seda Uşarer continued as follows:

“When consuming meat, we should consume plenty of salad with lemon. We never recommend rice or pasta. Drinking ayran or water should be preferred as a beverage. We absolutely do not want acidic beverages. We can eat the meat of the sacrifice at noon with salad or boiled vegetables in order to avoid digestive difficulties. Digestive problems may occur if it is eaten in the evening.We should definitely not choose to fry the meat while cooking.We can cook it boiled, in the oven or as a regular pot meal.

We see that barbecue is used frequently in summer. The meat should not be in close contact with the fire and should not become charred. When it is charred, its carcinogenic effect can increase. Let it cook in the oven or on a low heat grill. When these desired conditions are not met, people may experience indigestion problems. If the person has kidney disease, it can change the blood values. Therefore, it is very important to consume meat in appropriate quantities by cooking it under appropriate conditions.

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