Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Pınar warned those who would prefer the pool to cool off during the holiday. Prof. who wants to give importance to some hygiene rules, especially when entering the pool. Dr. Pınar pointed out that inflammation of the external ear canal leads to a very painful process. Pınar said, “The holiday begins.

In order for the holiday not to be poisoned to us, it is necessary to pay attention to some hygiene rules, especially when entering the pool. During this period, we frequently encounter problems such as ear fungus and external ear infections. When we enter the pool, possible dirt in our ears swells. If people think that water has gotten into their ears and constantly poke their ears, an inflammation may occur in the external ear canal. Inflammation of the external ear canal causes a very painful process. Therefore, it can bring a person’s holiday through his nose.”

Giving information about the findings of external ear canal inflammation, Prof. Dr. Pınar reminded that in case of severe pain when the cartilage in front of the ear is touched, it is necessary to go to the nearest ear, nose and throat doctor.

Stating that it is important to organize the treatment without wasting time, Pınar said, “Besides, we are experiencing the season of ear fungus, which we call fungal otomycosis.

In this season, due to the deterioration of ear hygiene in the pool and sea, fungus can reproduce. Therefore, external ear canal fungus can form and give us an itchy and painful symptom. External ear canal fungus should be considered, because these infections can cause severe pain and some complications in the person.

Reminding that social distance is very important in the pool during the pandemic period, Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Pınar said, “We see that in some pools, children or adults can spend time on top of each other, that is, at a very close distance, and joke. These, of course, do not comply with pandemic measures. Particular attention should be paid to this.

This virus is still in our lives, so social distance should be followed in the pool and sea due to the pandemic. If the chlorine ratios of the pools are measured, if there is no hygiene problem, of course, it can be entered safely, but you should definitely take a shower before entering. Disinfection should be given importance. Due to the pandemic, close encounters should be avoided by paying attention to social distance. We must comply with them for our health,” he said.

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