Experts emphasize that a strong immune system plays an important role in combating COVID-19. The importance of exercise is highlighted during the pandemic process where millions of people are locked away and work on digital platforms. Lecturer See. Physiotherapist Çağıl Ertürk said that exercise is seen as a non-pharmacological treatment in the international community.


Stating that it is one of the factors that strengthen the immune system, Ertürk said, “First of all, nowadays we are struggling with covid-19, everyone is looking for ways to strengthen the immune system. Exercise is also part of that. We, as physical therapists, recommend exercises. We have been closed to our homes for about 1 year and the exercise practices we do at home strengthen our immune system. It also strengthens our cardiovascular system and improves our bone health along with it. Therefore, we can say that exercise is a non-pharmacological method of medicine in international societies, ”he said.


Underlining that exercise planning should be accompanied by a physiotherapist and unique to the individual, Ertürk said, “In the end, every individual is unique. Each individual’s cardiovascular health and bone structure is unique. However, if we need to categorize it, it is appropriate to plan the maximal oxygen consumption around 50-60% and 30-40 minutes of exercise in young individuals. In the older population, which we call geriatric, this rate may drop to 40-50 percent. We can recommend 20-30 minute exercise types. However, as I said, it has to be unique to the individual ”.

Providing information about the exercise types, Çağıl Ertürk continued his words as follows:

“Activities such as walking, jogging, and cycling can be planned on the beach as much as possible. But basically, the types of exercise that the individual likes and support the use of oxygen, which we call aerobics, are very useful.

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