There is a short time left for Eid al-Fitr. Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat drew attention to the increase in the consumption of sweets during the holiday and gave information about the sexual health problems caused by diabetes.


Stating that excessive consumption of sugar causes diabetes, Prof. Dr. Hattat stated that, according to 2009 data, there are 300 million diabetic patients worldwide. Stating that this number is expected to exceed 400 million in 2030, Prof. Dr. Hattat said, “It is estimated that there are 3 and a half million diabetic patients and this many more pre-diabetes cases in Turkey. Diabetes causes many health problems such as vision defects, kidney problems, cardiovascular disorders, nervous system problems, and erectile dysfunction. It also shortens the life span, ”he said.


Stating that diabetes causes erectile dysfunction by negatively affecting two main systems, Prof. Dr. “First of all, the veins that carry blood to the genital area and provide hardening are affected. The nerves involved in the erection function can also be damaged. Thus, 50-70 percent of men with diabetes become prone to erectile dysfunction. The risk of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes increases 3 times compared to others. Approximately 10 years after the diagnosis of diabetes, half of the patients have erectile dysfunction. Diabetes can also lower the testosterone hormone. In this case, erectile dysfunction accompanying sexual reluctance is seen ”.

Prof. Dr. Hattat said, “In addition to all these, problems such as a decrease in the feeling of orgasm, inability to get pleasure, back ejaculation towards the bladder or delayed ejaculation are also frequent. In addition, as the risk of urinary tract infection increases, the risk of prostate infection also increases. These cause urinary problems and indirectly sexual problems. In addition, curvature, bends, deformities, Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature) and pain can also be seen in the penis, ”he said.


Emphasizing that heart diseases may occur and even the risk of death increases, Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat said, “Since the blood vessels and nerves in the sexual area are very small, the damage caused by high sugar can occur in this area before major vascular and nerve problems. This becomes an important warning alarm for health. The death rate from heart diseases is doubling in men who have diabetes and have erectile dysfunction. For this reason, men who have erectile dysfunction in the world are considered candidates for diabetes and heart disease, ”he said.


Explaining the treatment methods applied to people affected by diabetes, Prof. Dr. Hattat said, “Understanding the sexual problems caused by diabetes is the first step in diagnosis and treatment. As a result of all this, a treatment plan is created. With lifestyle changes, it is possible to reduce or delay diabetes by 40-50 percent. Reducing risks such as blood sugar control, malnutrition and physical inactivity is considered protective for sexual health. Then, a treatment is applied according to the type and cause of the sexual problem. Erection drugs, injections, shock wave therapy, hormone replacement treatments can be used. Penile prostheses can also be applied in cases that are very advanced and do not respond to other treatments. The structure of the sexual region vessels and nerves is improved with special shock waves. Especially for men with vascular problems, diabetes-high blood pressure, and smoking, the protection and development of the vascular structure of the genitals in this way gives an effective result for many years.


Stating that diabetes affects not only men but also women, Prof. Dr. Hattat said, “In women, it can cause complaints such as difficulty or delay in sexual arousal, orgasm problems, and a decrease in sexual pleasure. Pain may occur in the future. Since sexuality does not give pleasure, the desire may decrease. In addition, vaginal infections and urinary tract infections can become more frequent in diabetes. If the patient feels tired and weak, he / she can avoid sexuality. Since sexual problems are generally thought to be psychological in women, it does not come to mind that these problems may arise from diabetes. Both the patient and his partner are affected by this change in sexuality and even begin to have relationship problems. In this case, we recommend that you consult a specialist. It is of great importance to make lifestyle arrangements such as weight control, blood sugar balance and regular exercise in diabetes in women. “Exercises to facilitate sexual arousal, supports to increase blood flow to the genital area, muscle exercises and intercourse techniques can be given.”

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