The only tangible and real result is only possible with eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrows can be partially or completely lost due to accidents, trauma, burns, some dermatological reasons and frequent eyebrow removal to shape the eyebrows. Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Güniz Eker Uluçay gave information on the subject.

Eyebrow loss occurs mostly in women. Causes of eyebrow loss can be as follows; Stress, skin diseases affecting hair follicles, side effects of some drugs, hormone imbalances and hypothyroid disease, as well as alopecia alopecia due to stress due to weakness of the immune system, can cause temporary hair loss in the beard, hair and eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplantation is the removal of a live hair root from any part of the body where there is a hair root and transplanting it to the specified eyebrow area. The area to be planted in the eyebrow area should preferably be determined by drawing by the person, because the person will be able to determine the structure that best suits his / her face. The area determined by temporary dye is locally anesthetized and made ready for planting.

Although arm hair, leg hair, nose hair do not grow like eyebrows, it seems ideal in transplantation, but it cannot be used in eyebrow transplantation because its roots make it difficult to harvest and transplant. Since the underarm and genital area hair grows very horizontally, it is difficult to take and is not used in eyebrow transplantation. The most important source in eyebrow transplantation is the neck hair, and the most important problem in these hairs that can be used in both genders is their growth where they are transplanted. It should be explained to the transplant person that it will grow like hair.

Although the methods used are perceived as a problem at first glance, people will be able to learn to reshape their eyebrows in a few times and use them without any problems. According to the number of roots to be transplanted, the hairs in the neck are lifted up and an area of ​​1 cm wide and 5-10 cm long is shaved in the form of a horizontal line and the roots are taken from this area. When the lifted hair is left after the acquisition and transplantation process is finished, there is no indication that the root is taken.

The transplantation process, which is the most important stage, is the knowledge, skill and experience of the transplant doctor here. Because eyebrows are very different from all other hair root transplants (hair, beard, mustache, sideburn transplantation) and the angle is very variable. While the part of the eyebrow near the nose is slightly upward, the outermost part is looking towards the ear, and this appears as a fan between the two.

In all these areas, attention should be paid to the angle to be given to each eyebrow and planting should be done at an angle of 40-45 degrees. In short, eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that should be applied in competent hands.

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