Providing information about bruxism, Dentist Arzu Yalnız said, “In this situation, which is usually in the sleep state, the person does this unconsciously and does not remember when he wakes up, but he feels pain in his teeth and jaw muscles.”

It peaked with the pandemic

However, he said that this ailment, which has become much more visible in the business world in recent years and is therefore defined as the boss’s disease, is also experienced by students preparing for the exam.
“We encounter such cases every year. However, it has increased since last year. Because the fear of getting coronavirus in the exam was added to the stress of the exam. These turned out to be stress for the students,” said Arzu Yalnız.

Appointments after the exam

However, he said, “Recently, there are students who stated that they had a headache and even their fillings broke. We started treatment with those who needed urgent intervention. Some students made an appointment after LGS because they did not want to deal with these procedures at the moment. We will start their treatment after the exam.”

Is there a solution?

Stating that the treatment of bruxism differs as well as its causes, Dentist Arzu Yalnız gave the following information about the solution: “For the solution of night clenching, night plaques made specifically for each patient can be used. This is a removable denture, a plaque placed on the teeth. Sometimes these are not enough, psychological support can be taken for stress or drug injections can be applied for bruxism.”

May disrupt skeletal structure

Arzu Sol, who warned that when such discomforts are felt, immediately consult a doctor and take precautions as soon as possible, said, “Otherwise, the discomfort that starts with clenching may extend to such dimensions that it can disrupt the skeletal structure.”

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