Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak said that the Eid al-Fitr should be celebrated with eid enthusiasm.

Preparing for the holiday will do good psychologically

Stating that the Ramadan Feast is a ritual that will strengthen social ties since it is a religious holiday, Selvinaz Çınar Parlak said, “The feeling of belonging activates various feelings and actions such as the bond he establishes with the society as an individual and the importance of his existence in the social system. However, these collective rituals cannot take place in pandemic conditions. Children are not bought new clothes, celebrations are not made, it is observed that video festivals are not preferred as they are face-to-face. Eid is not perceived as a holiday, rest and entertainment. The excitement and enthusiasm of the holiday is replaced by a feeling of loneliness and restraint. For this reason, although rituals specific to the festival cannot be performed, it will be psychologically good for us to dress children carefully at home, to clean the holidays, to repeat the holiday with the members of the house by creating a special moment and memory, and to create small domestic activities that will make the holiday special under changing conditions. said.

Taking care of ourselves will feel good

Stating that we have aesthetic needs such as being well-groomed and looking good, Selvinaz Çınar Parlak, an expert clinical psychologist, stated that taking care of himself / herself on the holiday would make him feel good and made the following recommendations:

“Even if no one sees us, it will make us feel good if we show ourselves the attention we have shown on the feast day. Even if it is not a holiday visit, preparing a special table, creating special activities such as domestic entertainment and playing games for the children of family members and their children will make the holiday feel again.

We should create special moments for the holiday

Although we may not be able to perform the festival rituals depending on the changing conditions, we need to create special moments that will remind them that it is a festival. We can compensate our social needs in this long process, which we have already spent with social distancing and social restrictions, with small activities that will make the holiday special with our relatives whom we live together and can reach via video chat. “

We should video chat with our family elders

Selvinaz Çınar Parlak reminded, “We thought that this new process would be temporary at the beginning of the pandemic and expected normalization, but the second Ramadan Feast we will spend with this pandemic restrictions,” said Selvinaz Çınar Parlak. Especially elders of the family were more intensely and prolongedly affected by these restrictions. We can say that the biggest need of our family elders is socialization and communication. Although it is not a substitute for face-to-face communication, we must ensure that communication and interaction continues with tools such as video calls. ” said.

We shouldn’t forget to help and share

Noting that helping and sharing is also an important part of social needs specific to the holidays, Selvinaz Çınar Parlak said, “In these days of isolation at home, turning to rituals aimed at helping and sharing will be good by making individuals feel more valuable and useful. Solidarity and social solidarity will make us feel better individually in this pandemic process, which also has negative effects on patients, our relatives and economically. The rituals based on cooperation and sharing that will support the needs of our elders and loved ones will be much more functional in our new normal. ” said.

Social interaction in the digital environment should continue

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Selvinaz Çınar Parlak suggested continuing the interaction on social media during the feast, saying, “We should remember our social networks again, and even if the digital environment does not give the same taste, we should continue social interaction. Our most intense need is socialization and communication. Although we cannot overcome this with social distance, we can feed our social needs with rituals such as helping each other and sharing. Our need for relationships is inevitable, and we must continue uninterrupted communication under conditions to keep relationships strong. ” he spoke.

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