Expressing that the method called ‘endopeel’ is effective in rapidly eliminating wrinkles and sagging in many parts of the body, including the face and neck, Mesut Ayyıldız, Medical Aesthetic Doctor, talked about the content and advantages of the method. Ayyýldýz, so that many countries around the world in 15 years, the methods used in Turkey for about 6 years in the fore-surgical face lift, he said.


Starting his speech by giving information about the Endopeel method, Dr. Ayyýldýz, “Turkey in the last 6 years used endopeel, particularly the face and neck to medical lifting method used in to wrinkles and sagging. Europe and especially a method used for about 15 years in Latin America. Endopeel the name of the technique we use. Inside and a right “The product we use in this technique contains an essence obtained from peanuts. It contains carbolic acid and menthol. We do this technique using this ingredient.”


Suggesting that the Endopeel method has many advantages, Dr. Ayyıldız said, “First of all, it is an important privilege to be European CE certified and licensed by the Ministry of Health. It is an advantage that there are no scars like surgical applications, no complications such as redness, swelling and bruising. We do not make too many warnings before the application. For us, the aftermath is important. Afterwards, we prohibit eating products that contain a substance called arachidonic acid for 15 days. These are dried legumes, especially lentils, kidney beans, corn, rice. As in all applications, we do not highly recommend hot applications such as sauna, thermal and Turkish bath. “


Expressing that the method is one of the rare methods that can be applied primarily in many areas of the face, Ayyıldız said, “It is an effective method in wrinkles and sagging on the face. Apart from that, it can also be used in eyebrow lifting, nose lifting, removing the jowl in the neck, creating the image we call ‘six pack’ in the abdomen.” .

Reminding that botox has been the most common facial application method in the world for 30 years, Ayyıldız explained the points where it differs with endopeel as follows:

“Botox is mostly a method related to inter-eyebrow muscles and facial expressions. As we know here, it is a method that takes the muscles at rest and stops the mimics necessarily. The advantage of endopeel here is that the effect starts in 20 minutes. It does not cause any damage to the mimics, muscle and nerve. It is a method that can be applied as a procedure every month. It is a method that has an effect up to one or two years. “

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