Stating that pain in the form of cramps in the abdomen is among the symptoms, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Bilal Cengiz Şahbaz said, “Infection, spiral insertion, previous tubal surgery and smoking are among the risk factors for ectopic pregnancy.

There is no unusual condition at the beginning, and there may be symptoms such as menstrual delay, nausea, and breast tenderness that may occur in normal pregnancies. However, ectopic pregnancy should be considered in every woman of reproductive age who has irregular bleeding with menstrual delay and is B-HCG positive but does not show intrauterine sac in ultrasonography. Abdominal and groin pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, cramping pain in the lower abdomen and orthostatic changes are symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, ”he said.


Stating that medical or surgical treatments can be arranged, Dr. Şahbaz used the following statements:

” The treatment is arranged according to whether there is bleeding in ectopic pregnancy, the desire of the patient for pregnancy, and the condition of the intact tube. The main drug used in medical treatment is methotrexate. Generally, medical treatment is started in cases of ectopic pregnancy whose gestational sac is less than 4 cm and less than 6 weeks without bleeding. It is divided into surgical treatment (closed surgery) and open surgery. The indication for laparotomy is a method used in cases such as severe bleeding and ectopic pregnancy in certain localizations. “

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