Studies have shown that consuming beverages and foods with a temperature above 60-70°C increases the risk of cancer. It has been shown to cause harm.

If the organs in the region from the mouth to the stomach are repeatedly exposed to high temperatures for years, it causes denaturation of the tissues and proteins in this region, that is, it appears as an important risk factor for the formation of cancer.

Inadvertently or accidentally, taking hot tea or taking hot food into the mouth once or twice does not directly cause cancer, but drinking hot food continuously for years, which has become a habit, increases the risk of cancer significantly.

In the presence of other factors that disrupt the structure of proteins, for example, spicy and spicy food, when combined with heat, creates a greater risk for the stomach and esophagus. Again, a person who has been smoking and drinking alcohol for years will catch cancer at a higher rate when he eats and drinks hot.

Tissues have the ability to renew themselves after hot exposure, but with repeated exposure to heat, the self-healing capacity of the tissues will gradually decrease and cancer will appear.

Again, eating and drinking hot is one of the most important causes of aphthae in the mouth. And it causes stomach ache after hot eating and drinking. In order not to be out of our health, I must be careful.

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