According to the statement made by Cochlear, which offers implantable hearing solutions, permanent hearing loss is one of the most common congenital problems in newborn babies. Every 1,000 births, 1 to 3 babies start life with permanent hearing loss.

Among the causes of congenital hearing loss, premature birth, low birth weight, lack of oxygen at birth, staying in the neonatal intensive care unit, maternal infections during pregnancy, birth trauma, neonatal jaundice requiring blood exchange, auto-toxic drugs that cause damage to the inner ear. usage and genetic factors can be counted. However, hearing loss can be eliminated by early diagnosis of hearing loss and early intervention in hearing loss.

Marmara University Faculty of Medicine Audiology Department Head Prof. Dr. Çiprut stated that while millions of children and adults are struggling with hearing loss around the world, awareness of the methods and treatment options to eliminate hearing loss is very low.

Reminding that March 3 is celebrated as “World Ear and Hearing Health Day” every year by the World Health Organization to draw attention to hearing awareness and hearing loss, Çiprut said, “Hearing loss is not fate. Today, with the opportunities provided by technology, the negativities caused by hearing loss can be eliminated.” used the expressions.

Çiprut stated that children with hearing loss cannot develop speech and language appropriate for their ages, and therefore, their school success, cognitive competence and psycho-social development are behind their peers.

Pointing out that the first few years of life are called a critical period in terms of speech and language acquisition, Çiprut said, “If hearing loss is not diagnosed in the first three years, which is critical for learning to speak, and if appropriate intervention is not made, hearing loss will have extremely negative effects on the development of children.” used the expression.

“When hearing loss is noticed, an otolaryngologist should be consulted.”

Prof. Dr. Ayça Çiprut, which apply to all hospitals in Turkey’s Newborn Hearing Screening Program, the early diagnosis of infants with hearing loss and transferring that provide early intervention, he said:

“Newborn hearing screening, which we first started at Marmara University in 1994, has been successfully carried out nationwide since 2004. Thus, early intervention is possible in eligible babies through implantation, the negative effects of hearing loss on the child’s development are reduced and babies born with hearing loss are In severe and severe hearing loss, double ear cochlear implants are covered by the state for children up to the age of 4 and single ear cochlear implants for children and adults after 4 years of age.

Hearing losses in adults can occur at any age for different reasons. Genetic factors, infections, head trauma, middle ear infections, middle ear calcification, tumors, Meniere’s disease, ototoxic drug use that causes damage to the inner ear, high and prolonged exposure to noise and aging are among the most common causes.

Çiprut emphasized that early detection of hearing loss and implantation without wasting time are the most important factors in achieving successful results.

When hearing loss is noticed regardless of age, Çiprut recommends that patients should definitely consult an otolaryngologist, emphasizing that using hearing aids in hearing loss without medical or surgical treatment will eliminate the obstacles and communication problems caused by hearing loss. Çiprut stated that the cochlear implant is also the most suitable solution for adult patients in severe or severe hearing loss where hearing aids are not sufficient.

“I think the implant is the miracle of the century if it is applied to the appropriate patient at the right time.”

Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Audiology Department. Dr. Çiprut said, “It is known that adult patients who have had a hearing loss less than 10 years ago, those who use hearing aids with progressive hearing loss, and children under 4 years of age with congenital hearing impairment benefit the most from cochlear implants. Cochlear implant application, which is performed without wasting time after diagnosis, is very successful in children and adults who later lose their hearing. If it is applied to the appropriate patient at the right time, the implant is the miracle of the century. found the assessment.

Çiprut stated that thanks to the early cochlear implant, children can develop normal speech and language, they can continue their education life, and adults can continue their communication and social life without leaving life.

Stating that the post-operative programs and rehabilitation process requires the patient, family, audiologist and educator to work together, Çiprut emphasized that the rehabilitation process is extremely important in order to distinguish the sounds, understand speech, and ensure speech and language development in children after the patient is able to hear sounds by programming the cochlear implant specifically for the patient. .

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