Emergency Medicine Dr. D√ľndar Parlak warned about the closure period and what should be followed in society.

Bright, emphasizing that hygiene should be given extra importance in the process in question, said:

“You should ventilate the indoor areas you are in. Also, avoid touching your eyes, face, nose and mouth with your hands. Take off the clothes you wear outside when you come home and wash your clothes in the washing machine at least 55-60 C. Keeping the immune system strong: Healthy eating, plenty of fluids. Pay extra attention to behaviors that have an impact on the immune system, such as consuming, exercising, and adequate sleep (8 hours). In the event of mild symptoms such as an inability to taste, we should never strive to protect our environment without a mask and not be in crowded places.

Reminding that people can transmit the virus without showing symptoms yet, Parlak continued as follows:

“Let’s not forget that implementing the measures listed below has become a citizenship responsibility not only for ourselves but also for our country;

Washing hands: Wash your hands with soap for at least twenty seconds and rinse thoroughly. Fingers and tips should not be forgotten, taps should be covered, if possible, with paper towels on which we dried our hands.

Keeping a social distance: Keep a distance of 1-1.5 meters from people, avoid shaking hands and hugging.

Paying attention to coughs and sneezes: When coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth with the inside of the arm or with disposable handkerchiefs, not with your hands.

Paying attention to the symptoms of the disease: If you feel signs of illness such as fever or cough, wear a mask and definitely avoid contact with the elderly. If you feel complaints such as fever and shortness of breath with cough, apply to a health institution by wearing a mask. “

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