Every day we learn something new about the benefits of Turkish coffee, one of the most delicious elements of our culture.

With many beneficial substances such as chlorogenic acid in the coffee content, it reduces liver fat, prevents the formation of gallstones, and cuts appetite.

Saying that the best time for Turkish coffee in Ramadan is not just after iftar, but one hour later, Dietician Ayşegül Bahar said, “Turkish Coffee, which is drunk one hour after iftar, suppresses your appetite and keeps you away from unhealthy snacks during the night. It helps the ongoing digestion process. “It increases calorie burning due to its effect on accelerating metabolism and can reduce the body’s fat production and storage.”

Dietician Bahar says the following about the benefits of Turkish coffee:

Turkish coffee facilitates digestion, stimulates the movement of the muscles in the digestive system and helps the intestines to work faster. In addition, thanks to its caffeine content, it accelerates metabolism and fat burning like all caffeinated beverages.

Turkish coffee is one of the ideal drinks for those who aim to lose weight, with nearly zero calories when drunk plain. Regular consumption of coffee helps the fat break down and turn into fatty acids, so the body starts to use the fat as an energy source.

Bahar lists the post-fasting benefits of Turkish coffee in Ramadan as follows:

Turkish coffee increases alertness and energy levels. You will feel happier. It also has positive effects on brain functions. The lack of concentration and decline in cognitive functions caused by prolonged hunger may increase with Turkish coffee.

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