Recently, snowfall has prevailed throughout the country, and Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Murat Un, Op. Dr. Murat Ün, “After exposure to the rays reflected by the abdomen, discomfort from the light in the eye, burning, pain, stinging, foreign body sensation, inability to open the eyes, excessive watering and low vision, snow blindness, ultraviolet rays reflected from the snow in the glassy layer of the eye called the cornea. It creates damage, “he said.


Stating that the treatment of the disease is applied with artificial tears or gels to accelerate the healing and to relieve the patient, drops and eye drops that enlarge the pupil are given to reduce the pain, Ün “The cold compress to be applied on the eyes in such cases is to relieve the patient. In cases of severe corneal damage, a specialist. Different treatment methods should be followed with the recommendation of the physician. Apart from this, the patient is recommended to rest, avoid bright environments, not rub his eyes or wear sunglasses.


Giving the information that the disease is frequently seen in skiers, snowmobilers and mountain climbers, Ün, stating that even if the weather is cloudy, ski goggles or sunglasses with high ultraviolet protection can be protected from the effect of ultraviolet rays that damage the eye, “Even if the weather is cloudy while skiing or walking on the snow. sunglasses must be worn, because ultraviolet rays can pass through clouds. Protective glasses should filter almost all ultraviolet rays and pass no more than 5-10 percent of visible light, “he said.

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