Citizens who hesitate to go to hospitals due to the coronavirus epidemic can also invite serious health problems. Specialists, who warn those who do not want to go to dentists and postpone their treatment, stated that delayed treatments may cause more serious problems in the future. Önder Bayraktar, who works as a dentist in Artvin, warned the citizens by stating that neglected oral and dental treatments will lead to difficult situations in the future.


Expressing that the patients waited in the living room before the pandemic, Bayraktar said, “We could wait for 3-4 patients and then examine them later, but now we started to take patients one by one. We measure the fever of incoming patients, check their general condition, and do not keep patients’ relatives in the waiting room. After the procedure is completed, we disinfect the seat where the patients sit. During the treatment of our patient, we have to take very special precautions for his health. Before starting the treatment, we have our patients rinse their mouths with special mouthwashes and then we start the treatment. During this period, we increased their measures a little more. “We did not have a problem in working because we were taking the necessary precautions before the pandemic,” he said.


Stating that everyone should obey the rules, Bayraktar said, “During the pandemic period, hygiene rules are very important. We also warn our patients about hand, mouth and nose cleaning. In addition, our immune system needs to be strong. For this reason, we should never neglect the care of our mouth, which is the beginning of digestion. During this period, we should pay attention to our oral and dental health. If we pay attention to our oral health, we will take the first step of digestion stronger. In addition, please do not postpone your emergency interventions during the pandemic period, because you will experience serious tooth loss in the future and your immune system will be negatively affected by this situation ”.

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