Stating that inactivity can cause 15 percent muscle loss in a week, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hülya Şirzai said, “Even if the virus is not infected, the changing lifestyle may cause this situation. Our muscles play a critical role in our health.

It makes up about 40 percent of our body weight and runs other organs and tissues. In times of illness, it provides nutrients to critical organs. Therefore, too much muscle loss can put your health at risk, ”he said.

Many situations such as self-isolation, working from home, distance education have caused us to spend more time in our living spaces and increased inactivity. In this period when physical activity decreases, experts warn citizens. Because this situation poses a danger to the human body at least as much as the virus.

Muscle loss risk for herniated disc

Stating that physical activity is of great importance for human health during the pandemic process, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hülya Şirzai said, “However, the more physically active we are in this process, the more we increase our body’s defense against Kovid-19.

Loss of muscle and strength (known as sarcopenia) is something we are all familiar with, especially as we get older. For this reason, our elderly citizens should be more careful in this situation, which also affects young people.

Inactivity has an effect on waist, neck, spine and knee disorders as well as the risk of lumbar hernia. Because our lifestyle in the process causes the formation and increase of lumbar hernia by both disrupting the structure of our spine joint and disc and by reducing the strength of our muscles. It is up to us to reverse this situation again.

Our motto should be ‘Life is Movement’. Our biggest trump is resistance exercises and nutrition. There are actions that we can do simply at home without going out. Of course, it is necessary to consult a physician while doing these ”.

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