Stating that fluid loss begins in children with increasing temperatures, Aslan said, “The surface area of ​​children is larger than adults. Especially since the head and body ratios are large, there is more sun exposure and fluid loss. Therefore, in the nutrition of children, we must first prevent fluid loss. Therefore, it is important to support children to drink enough water. A child who takes breast milk until the age of 1 does not need a lot of water support. Because 70 percent of breast milk consists of water. If living in a very hot environment, children can also be given a sip or two of boiled and warmed water. After the age of 1, it is necessary to increase the amount of water consumption. After the age of 1, it is necessary to increase to 500ml-1000ml, and after the age of 5, it is necessary to provide 1500-2000 ml of fluid intake. Drinks such as homemade lemonade and ayran can also be given.” said.

If these symptoms are present, a doctor should be consulted.

Stating that attention should be paid to the hygiene of the meals eaten outside and what material they are made from these days, when the normalization period is gradually entered, Aslan said, “Particularly, families should look at the contents of the open buffets offered in the hotel kitchens. For example; We know that mayonnaise foods produce microorganisms when they are kept. Apart from that, they should pay attention to the possibility of not washing the fruits displayed in open buffets or with what they are washed. Food that has been exposed to heat outside and the storage conditions are not complied with can cause serious bacterial infections in the intestines of children. This causes summer diarrhea.” said.

Stating that they want the child to increase their fluid intake especially in case of simple diarrhea, Aslan said, “It is necessary to increase fluid intake with beverages such as water, buttermilk and lemonade. Since there is a loss of salt, we are trying to cure summer diarrhea with simple, home-applicable measures such as adding a little more salty buttermilk and adding some salt to the rice porridge. If the child cannot take the liquid you give orally, vomits, gradually the eyeballs begin to collapse and the mouth starts to dry, if the diarrhea becomes unstoppable and fever is added to these complaints, or if there is blood, mucus and severe abdominal pain in the stool, they should definitely consult a doctor. he said.

Consume Summer Fruits

Stating that parents are role models in nutrition, Aslan said, “We need to keep our children away from acidic drinks. At this point, families have a great responsibility. They should not consume these drinks either. Because children take their families as an example in terms of nutrition, as they do in every other subject. Families can give their children ice cream made from milk in a healthy way during the summer period. The thing to watch out for here is not to overdo it. Because the approximate calorie of 3 scoops of ice cream is 200 calories, which sometimes goes up to 600 in packages. A child’s daily caloric needs are 1200 kcal. Besides, I can recommend summer fruits for children.” he said.

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