In these days, when the Covid-19 pandemic, which affects the whole world, continues to pose an important public health threat in our country, healthy nutrition has become even more important. Dyt, Nutrition and Diet Specialist, who made suggestions on supporting immunity. Gökçenur Aşık said, “Although there is no food that can prevent or treat coronavirus by itself; It has been proven by many years of studies that healthy, balanced and adequate nutrition, physical activity and regular sleep strengthen the immune system. In addition, the body mass index value, which is not in the ideal range, appears to be associated with negative outcomes in Covid-19 patients, indicating a possible role of obesity in affecting the outcomes of the disease ”.

What should be on a healthy dinner plate?

Fruit and vegetable consumption is Gokcen Dietician talked about the importance of love, proteins consumed nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, stressing the necessity of being long the rich and shelf-life direction antioxidant, “2015 Turkey Nutrition proposed in the guide Healthy Food on the plate at each main meal by the plate is a a quarter is from vegetables, the other quarter is from whole grain products, the remaining half is from fruits in the form of three equal parts, high protein foods (legumes, meat, eggs, fish, chicken, oilseeds, etc.), milk and dairy products (milk, yogurt, buttermilk, etc.) , cheese, etc.), ”he said.

Drink an average of 2 liters of water a day

Dietitian Gökçenur Aşık pointed out the importance of ensuring adequate water consumption and suggested that approximately 8 cups (2 liters) of water should be drunk a day and olive oil should be used in daily nutrition.

Vegetable and fruit consumption should be at the forefront

Dyt said that emotional eating behaviors can be seen due to the stress caused by the pandemic situation, and that people can go in search of food that will help them relax and generally turn to carbohydrate-rich, sugary foods and unhealthy snacks. Gökçenur Aşık said, “As a result of these unhealthy eating behaviors, body weight may increase. In the light of this information, the emphasis should be placed on vegetables and fruits in food shopping. Since especially citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C that supports the immune system, the consumption of these fruits should be concentrated, and if possible, fresh lemon should be squeezed into meals. Freezing and preserving some of the fresh vegetables and fruits in quantities suitable for later consumption and / or cooking is also necessary to ensure the continuity of healthy nutrition in situations that cannot be left home for a long time ”.

Dry legumes can be consumed every day

Dyt states that legumes are a very durable and nutritious protein source alternative. Gökçenur Aşık, “Green, red lentils, chickpeas, bean varieties, kidney beans and similar foods can be consumed every day. However, these products, which can have a long cooking time, should be boiled in large quantities in advance and stored in the freezer in such a way that they can be cooked quickly afterwards. ”This practice will also be beneficial in terms of salt consumption by reducing the use of canned food.

Put distance between you and salt

Referring MWT high salt consumption rate in Turkey. Gökçenur Aşık recommended that the amount of salt added to the meals should be reduced and the processed meat and meat products and ready-made pickles in the recipes should be limited.

Consume fish at least twice a week

Dyt recommends consuming fish at least twice a week. Gökçenur Aşık also stated that egg and cheese varieties containing high-quality animal protein have an important role for antibodies, one of the important defense mechanisms of the body, to fulfill their functions.

Food and drinks to avoid

Dyt also warned of limiting the consumption of sugar and sugary foods and beverages, pastry products including white bread, processed meat products, foods high in salt, which rapidly increase blood sugar. Gökçenur Aşık said, “Alcoholic beverages with high energy content can also negatively affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and their consumption should be limited as much as possible.
Dyt emphasized that the immune system must be strong in order to strengthen our body’s fight against the virus in these days when the fight against pandemic continues. Gökçenur Aşık concluded his words by saying, “Maintaining physical activity, fluid intake and sleep patterns during the quarantine period is necessary to prevent mental health deterioration and consequently unhealthy eating behaviors and malnutrition due to depression”.

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