Exp. Dr. Emin Çağlar made a statement regarding the April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day. Dr. Referring to the fact that autism is an important neurodevelopmental disorder in which symptoms are observed in early childhood (preschool), Çağlar said, “It is the difference in the development of the parts of the brain that provide social communication and interaction. While the symptoms of autism start in the early stages of development in some children, some children experience regression or malfunctions in development, which is primarily normal. For example, a child whose development is normal up to the age of 1 may have delay in communication skills and speech. Autism suspicion arises when the child’s speech is delayed or is indifferent and unresponsive to the environment. “The family consults to the doctor because the child does not say any words even though his peers speak, or can say single words such as” mother, father “before, but forget these words in recent months,” he said.

It is more visible in boys

Dr. Çağlar said, “Autism Spectrum Disorder is 4.3 times more common in boys (3.0 percent) than girls (0.7 percent). Autism is a polygenic disorder and its inheritance is over 90 percent. What does inheritance mean? It means that many genes are affected and the contribution of these genes on autism is over 90 percent. So why are genes affected? Is it because the child was vaccinated? Is it because the child watched a lot of TV? Is it because the parents didn’t take much care of their child? The answer to all of them is ‘no’. Autism is not a simple disorder that can occur with a single cause. It is not possible to explain the whole disorder with a single harmful event. There may be defective genes and mutations in every human genetics. Autism occurs when these genes inherited from both mother and father are related to large networks in the brain that enable communication. Of course, these genes also interact with environmental factors. However, environmental factors alone do not cause autism without heritability. The most emphasized on environmental factors is the advanced age of mother and father, ”he said.


Dr. Drawing attention to the fact that autism does not occur with the wrong attitudes and behaviors of parents, Çağlar gave the following information:

“When the child watches a lot of television, is exposed to the screen too much or is indifferent, symptoms such as introversion and regression in speech may occur, but these findings quickly improve when the things that cause them are eliminated. This does not mean that the child has autism. There are some autism findings that can be considered as a sign for families. These are in babies aged 6-9 months; Absence of babbling or less type of sound compared to peers. At the same time, the lack of interest in the caregiver’s voice and face, the absence of eye contact and mutual smile, not looking at his name, being held and playing with other people, excessive and atypical interest in some objects or parts (examining objects by keeping them strangely close to the eye) creates. It is necessary to follow these findings at frequent intervals. 20 to 47 percent of children with autism begin to regress after 1 year of normal development. Symptoms that can be considered as a red flag for families are not responding to your smile after the age of 1, not looking at your face or looking at your face when you talk, not pointing at objects, not showing the desire to bring their toy and play together. At the same time, unwillingness to interact, lack of pretend play or pretend play (feeding your baby, trying to put his teddy to sleep), not starting to say words at the age of 1, and make two-word sentences around the age of 2. “


Stating that all of these symptoms do not need to be present in the child in order to make a diagnosis, Dr. Çağlar said, “Not all children with autism have the same severity of autism. While some children have severe autism with inability to establish a severe social relationship, no speech, and intense repetitive movements, in some children the symptoms may be quite mild. The reason that autism is a spectrum disorder is because it is a spectrum disorder in which the severity of symptoms is different in each child. Families with these symptoms in their children should go to Child Psychiatry without wasting time. Being aware of autism and not ignoring it is the first step. Early diagnosis and intensive special education programs are very important. It is of vital importance in terms of the quality of life and independence of the child from now on. Families with a diagnosis of autism in their children should increase the weekly special education hours to the extent that they can afford. Recent studies suggest a minimum of 15 hours of training per week, ”he concluded.

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