Stating that professional support can be obtained while dieting, experts said, “Leave the process to professionals. “Living with a weight focus can decrease your motivation with fluctuating indicators.” Experts who recommend that old unsuccessful diet trials be forgotten, suggest opening a new page.

Psychologist Merve Umay Candaş Demir made evaluations about the psychological situations experienced during the diet process.

Your biggest source of motivation, the reason to start a diet …

The first question that needs to be answered before starting the diet process is “Why?” Merve Umay Candaş Demir said, “If the correct answer can be given to the question of why we want to lose or gain weight and why there is a need to lose and gain weight, the right start will be made. Knowing health problems, body perception, form, average values ​​and why you want to diet will be a source of motivation for you and will provide you with a correct road map. “Unconscious diet negatively affects physical and mental health, short-term gains lead to long-term damage,” he says.

Get the experiences of the past but don’t carry the burden

Merve Umay Candaş Demir stated that it is necessary to try to find out why weight gain and loss while preparing for the diet process, stating that unanswered questions will cause stress and anxiety, “In order not to upset your body under the psychology of guilt, you can search for the reasons of weight loss with the support of an expert. Or are you experiencing emotional hunger? Do not focus on the past. Don’t let past unsuccessful experiences of the dieting process drag you into negative thoughts. Get the experiences of the past, but don’t carry the burden. You are opening a new page, ”he said.

Success will come if you love your dietician

Merve Umay Candaş Demir, who stated that the first step will be taken with the “correct answer” given to why diet is wanted, and then the most appropriate dietician should be selected to learn body values ​​and aptitude for a suitable diet. “Remember, diet is personal and proper communication brings success. “If you love your dietician, success will come,” he warned.

Weight is not a crime

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Merve Umay Candaş Demir stated that situations such as gaining weight, losing weight, being overweight, being too thin do not have the characteristics of a crime, embarrassment or embarrassment, “The only concern here is the physical and mental health threat. Do not stop loving yourself. Remember that you are special and that your presence has meaning in itself, ”he said.

Leave the process to the professionals

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Merve Umay Candaş Demir, who said that when dieting should not be weighted, said that this will cause stress. Emphasizing that weight monitoring will be under control on the road taken with a dietician, Demir said, “Leave the process to professionals. Living with a weight focus can lower your motivation with fluctuating indicators. Pay attention to the time in the weight loss-gain process. Short-term excess weight changes can disrupt your body perception. Do not make enemies to yourself in the mirror. Mirrors are not your rivals, ”he said.

If the diet is unhappy, get psychological support

Saying that she should not be obsessed with weight, Merve Umay Candaş Demir stated that the ideal weight will be determined by a dietician. Stating that there will be situations where the ideal weight is under or exceeded in life, Demir drew attention to the fact that it can be kept under control with early measures and that individuals should not leave themselves unhappy when weighing.

“Dietary experiences can lead you to depression” warned Demir, “Our age does not limit the weight loss-gain process to dieting only. Dietician support is a must; In addition, it is necessary not to miss the points that require psychological support. The process we call diet means a healthy life form, so if a person cannot be “happy” while investing in himself / herself for a healthy life, he / she should definitely get psychological support.

We must replace unhealthy foods with the right foods.

Reminding that we cannot ignore the expectations of our brains while preparing nutrition programs and diet lists, Expert Clinical Psychologist Merve Umay Candaş Demir pointed out that the brain also has expectations from food. Merve Umay Candaş Demir made the following suggestions: “We must rid our brains, which we have become accustomed to and satisfy with unhealthy foods, from these foods; we have to put the right nutrients in its place. The relationship of our brain health with nutrition is now a fact proven by experts, be sure to read the books and articles written on this subject. “

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