Uro-Andrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat said, “For example, hardening drugs are prohibited for those who take nitrate type heart drugs. In this case, other treatments such as injections, hormone treatments, shock waves and PRP can be used to achieve hardening. Again, some medications used for the heart can reduce testosterone levels in the body and cause reluctance. In addition to testosterone deficiency, psychological factors such as fear of heart attack or death, anxiety about failure in sexuality, not feeling attractive, and lack of self-confidence can also reduce the desire. In this case, hormonal deficiency is eliminated and performance anxiety is resolved ”.


Explaining when to start sexuality, Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat spoke as follows:

“We simply recommend a waiting period of approximately 6-8 weeks after a heart attack, 3-4 weeks after stent surgeries, and 8-14 weeks after bypass. However, these periods may vary according to the general health status of the patients. It is more correct to consult your doctor. Never self-treat or stop taking heart medication. Having a heart attack during sexuality, a partner’s heart problem are some of these nightmares. However, deaths due to the risk of heart attack after or within sexual activity or heart problems during sexuality are extremely rare. The risk of having a heart attack after sex in a healthy person is approximately 2.5 in 1 million. This figure rises to only 25 per 1 million in people who have had heart disease before. However, you should know that you increase your risk, especially if you are a man, if you have a history of a previous heart attack and if you lead an excessively sedentary lifestyle. “

Dealing With Emotional Storm

Stating that everything that affects the heart also affects sexuality, Hattat said, “You can believe that you lose your attraction after heart problems and that your partner does not find you attractive anymore. You may be worried about whether you can show off your former sexual performance. You may think that your partner’s overprotective feelings and attitudes are hurting your self-esteem. You may feel that your sexual desire is decreasing and that you are moving away from your partner. These worries and emotional storms can reduce the erection response. Also, being afraid of having a heart attack or dying during sexual intercourse can also reduce the quality of erection. Patients who experience heart-related distress, especially during a strenuous movement or sexuality, may experience erectile dysfunction due to both health-related fears and stress, and anxiety about failure in sexual intercourse. Partners are also affected by these problems. Even though their husbands are ready for sexuality after going through the healing process, they can still seek the blame for themselves if they avoid togetherness, “he said.

Stating the importance of communication between couples, Hattat said, “The important point here is not to turn these emotional distress into a vicious circle. You should know that communication is a very valuable treatment tool. You should know that such a communication will bring you closer to your partner and encourage you to seek solutions. You should not hesitate to consult an expert about your sexual problems when necessary.


Noting that patients who have bypassed bypass and who continue to have heart problems during effort can use nitrate-type chest pain medications during sexuality. Dr. Halim Hattat said, “However, in some patients, the fear of having a heart problem during sexuality makes the use of nitrate continuous and continuous. The patient cannot start or continue sexuality without nitrate medication. Here, there is a psychological dependence on nitrate group drugs. You should definitely tell your doctor about this situation. “Your doctor will give you information about psychological and medical treatments for this extreme state of anxiety or depression.”


Explaining what needs to be done during sexuality, Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat said, “Being with a partner with whom you have been together before after heart problems will relax you psychologically. Physical exercise is extremely important. Inactive people are both more prone to heart attacks and if this occurs, their chance of recovery is low. Binge eating or drinking before sex also puts stress on the heart. Therefore, you should wait at least 3 hours after the last meal or alcohol consumption. You should choose a room with a normal temperature. It is useful to choose a time when you are rested and relaxed. “If you get overly excited during sex and experience performance concerns, it is helpful to stop, take a few deep breaths and start again.”

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