While the vaccination process, which is one of the most important weapons against the epidemic, continues rapidly, especially those who are pregnant and in the process of IVF treatment are indecisive about vaccination. Obstetricians also say that women often ask themselves questions about whether or not they should get vaccinated in this process. OMU Faculty of Medicine IVF Center Responsible and Obstetrician Assoc. Dr. Güven stated that vaccines should not be administered until the 12th week of pregnancy, and that two types of vaccines can be administered in any period of pregnancy after the 12th week.


Stating that Covid-19 vaccines do not have a negative effect on IVF treatment, Assoc. Dr. Güven said, “‘I am currently undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment, I am about to start or get vaccinated, can I get vaccinated? What types of vaccines should I have?’. Currently, there are mRNA and inactivated vaccines. They can be vaccinated before or after they are needed. They can safely administer any type of vaccine. They have no problems with their treatment or themselves. The vaccine does not cause any problems other than symptoms such as allergies, itching and arm pain. Ondokuz Mayıs University IVF Center has a very dense patient population. Many of our patients have vaccinated before or after the treatment. We did not see any side effects. When we looked at the patients who came to our clinic, we did not see any bad effects on sperm and egg quality after vaccination. Vaccines have no side effects on having children. They do not change sperm and egg quality. IVF in our patients who have had We applied visi. There have been pregnancies in these treatments and they continue to be healthy. We have many patients who are vaccinated, become pregnant and follow their pregnancy,” he said.


Stating that pregnant women should not be vaccinated especially in the first 12 weeks, Assoc. Dr. Güven said, “There is a sensitive period in pregnancy follow-up. Unless it is necessary, we do not make any attempt, not only vaccination, to pregnant women in the first 12 weeks. During this period, miscarriages and some complications can reach disturbing dimensions. Do not vaccinate in the first 12 weeks, after the 12th week, both types of vaccines can be given in any period of pregnancy. There are tests performed on 35-40 thousand pregnant women, and as a result of these tests, no symptoms that could cause problems in pregnant women were found. Both types of vaccines can be easily administered, except for the first 12 weeks.

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